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    Multiple monitors are beneficial in different conditions. You can increase the versatility and productivity of your staff with these monitors. The experience of multiple monitors can’t be perfect in every condition. Sometimes, set up an extra monitor can create issues. If you are playing a game, it can affect the quality of your game. Here are some possible problems with multi-monitor set up in windows. See their solutions.


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    In your device, you have carefully deal with the settings of the Google play store. Common errors can affect the integrity and performance of your phone. If you want to avoid Google play store troubleshooting, here are some crucial steps for you to follow.


  • Red quits from selling smartphonesDatum11.12.2019 10:24
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    Red is a high-end cinema camera company. They teased the world in 2017 with their first smartphone. The hydrogen one by Red was a huge phone with a $1,300 slab. It features titanium or aluminum body and ribbed hand grips on sides. Moreover, a modular system and a 3D holographic display were complementing the phone.


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    Do you know face unlock of Pixel 4’s will work even if you are dead? Skype, IMO and WhatsApp will be accessible with this feature for everyone. Remember, biometric security of phone can unlock your phone even if you are unconscious. Pixel 4 and 4 XL face unlock becomes a significant security feature.


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    There is no need to worry about the Play Store of Google because the search giant is teamed up with security companies for protection from adware. Google has teamed up with 3 security companies to identify malicious apps before they are published on the Play Store. They are trying to save their Android users. As per Google, this partnership is called App Defense Alliance.


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    Google Chrome is one of the most used search engines around the globe. It is bringing lots of different features to amaze the users. This search engine is comprised of a plethora of information and facilities to make Google the top priority for users.


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    Major Service providers prefer collecting data to improve their devices and services. These brands are Apple, Amazon and Google. Usually, hackers hack these apps to harness personal data. Nowadays, ads are tracking your data. Advertisers use your data to put their ads and sell their services and products.


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    Apple is one of the most excellent and heavily demanded brands which needs no introduction at all. It has won the hearts of millions and keeps on winning more and more. It keeps on introducing more gadgets and introduces various updates as well.


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    You may find a new repair-friendly Microsoft tablet, Surface Pro X. As per iFixt, this tablet is repair-friendly for users. Surface Pro X has user-replaceable SSD, and other components are easy to replace. You can get the advantage of USB-C dual connections, Slim Pen, 16GB of RAM and 512GB SSD.


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    Do you want to read kindle books on top rated tablets? Different apps are available for your assistance. Fortunately, you can download these apps on your android phone to read kindle books. These apps are free and available to everyone.


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    We all use different devices such as laptops, mobiles and tablets. These devices are subjected to different faults and problems that may occur over time. One thing that bothers all of us when we think of getting our devices repaired is how secure our data is.


  • How to create a group email in Gmail?Datum07.12.2019 11:27
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    You can send a group email with your Samsung Galaxy tablet because of its advanced operating system. The new tablets are available with exclusive features. Remember, you can access Gmail services, iCloud, storage services and several other things. Gmail is a preferred and most used email client. For marketing purposes, you have to send emails to numerous people. It is possible by grouping your email in Gmail. You can create Gmail groups in two ways:


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    Several people may not understand the importance of magnifying glass apps. Remember, these are available to turn your smartphone in a magnifying glass. In your slate, you will need a magnifying app to read printed writing. This app needs integrated cameras on your smart devices to scan pages or documents and enlarge on-screen text.


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    Apple recently releases it’s 13.2 Version of iOS, and you may not have discovered yet, but here we are going to tell you about 12 hidden features of iOS that you never observed or discovered before. These 12 hidden features of iOS 13.2 will make you crazy.


  • How to avoid spam emails?Datum07.12.2019 10:14
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    It is essential to save your device from dodgy loan applications, junk emails, and spams. As per an estimate, spam emails can affect the integrity of your system. If you want to delete them, it will take lots of time. Spammers use databases to hold numerous email addresses. You may get spam messages after posting in a newsgroup or signing up for a new internet service.


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    Have you ever heard the idea of a smart home? Well if you have not yet purchased anything except a smartphone, let’s start with your simple lectrical outlets and plugs. All you need is WiFi connection, Google Android tablet or iOS device, and a smart plug. Smart Plug? Yes! Now you can make your home smart with these trending smart plugs.


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    Do you want to avoid spams in Google play tablets? You can do this by activating spam filters. Sometimes, a spam filter can create issues for you. Marketing professionals often face this problem while sending promotional emails. In this situation, they need special tactics to avoid spam filters while sending emails.


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    Smart luggage is becoming necessary for everyone. With this technology, it is possible to save time and avoid backache. The good news is that you can launch a smart suitcases you’re your tablet. Kabuto has numerous electronics and unique features. You can easily travel with this battery pack device. With this smart battery pack device, you can move without any physical trouble.


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    We were getting a lot of cases from our readers’ side that their systems were hacked due to unknown reasons and their privacy was breached. So we looked into this matter and got to know about some hackers who can access your devices simply because you are surfing the web on an unprotected internet source. So today we will help you by giving some tips about how to be safe while using the internet on your mobile phone.


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