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13 Effective Ways To Cure Male Infertility Health Articles | October 27 Wholesale Authentic Basketball Jerseys , 2011
Male infertility may be defined as a man's incapacity to impregnate his partner. If the man has never been able to saturate his female partner, it is a case of primary infertility.

Male infertility may be defined as a man's incapacity to impregnate his fertile female partner. It is of 2 types: primary and secondary. If the man has never been able to impregnate his female partner, it is a case of primary infertility. In case of secondary infertility, the man had made his partner pregnant previously but at present he fails to do so. Before going in to the depths of male infertility, you must first know how conception takes place. During intercourse, a male ejaculates semen containing millions of sperms Wholesale Basketball Jerseys , a male gamete. The ejaculated sperms swim towards the ovum or egg released by the woman's ovaries and only one out of the millions can fuse with the ovum, thereby fertilizing it. The fertilization takes place in the fallopian tube and it is the fertilization that makes a woman pregnant. The longevity of a sperm is 24 hours and that of ovum is 12 hours. Therefore for conceiving the fertilization should take place within 12 hours of ovulation or release of ovum.

Male infertility causes:

The primary cause of male infertility is low sperm count. Low sperm count is triggered by factors like variocele or varicose vein in the testicular veins, duct blockage, hormonal imbalance, drug abuse, alcohol abuse Wholesale Authentic NBA Jerseys , smoking, stress, excessive exposure to saunas or hot baths, excessive exposure to toxic environment and heavy metals, wearing of tight-fitting briefs, testicular issues like un-descended testes or twisted testis Wholesale NBA Jerseys , infections like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, mumps and tuberculosis, medications like anti-hypertensive drugs, anabolic steroids Wholesale Jerseys Cheap , corticosteroids, antidepressants, cancer medications etc. The second important cause of male infertility is ejaculation and erection related issues like weak erections, short-spanned erections or retrograde ejaculation. These issues crop up due to factors like depression and anxiety, sexual abstinence, insufficient blood flow to the male sex organ Wholesale Jerseys From China , ailments like diabetes, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalance etc.

Cures for male infertility:

1. Surgical procedures may be undertaken to address the infertility causes like variocele, un-descended testes or duct blockage.

2. One can deal with infertility through IVF or IUI treatments.

3. Certain medications like mesterolone, clomiphene citrate etc and gonadrotopic injections may be used to cure male infertility.

4. Infection induced infertility can be treated through antibiotics.

5. Stay away from saunas or hot baths

6. Wear loose fitting cotton underpants

7. Give up the habit of smoking and drinking.

8. Do not use lubricants prior to penetration.

9. Give up the intake of body building steroids or illicit drugs.

10. Go for frequent sexual encounters

11. While penetrating your female, use the proper position and techniques.

12. Male infertility can be cured through herbal supplements like Night Fire capsules Wholesale Jerseys China , Musli Strong capsules, Shilajit ES etc. These supplements bear the magical power of herbs like horny goat weed, Asian ginseng, gingko biloba, saffron, asparagus Wholesale Authentic Jerseys , damiana etc.

13. Include ample amounts of garlic, onions, ladies fingers and carrots in diet. This is an effective home cure for male infertility.

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BERLIN, Sept. 10 (Xinhua) -- German officials congratulated Thomas Bach as he was elected as the new president of International Olympic Commitee (IOC) on Tuesday.

The 59-year-old lawyer and President of German Olympic Committee is the first German at the head of the IOC, as Willie Daume failed in 1980 with his candidateship.

On her official homepage Wholesale Jerseys , German Chancellor Angela Merkel said: "I congratulate you for the election to the President of the IOC. Your election into the most important office of the sport shows what reputation and confidence you enjoy in the Olympic family. I am glad that Germany is represented excellently on the international level."

The Presidium of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) stated in an official press release: "The Presidium of the DOSB congratulates Thomas Bach to the election as the ninth IOC President. The members of the IOC have thus honoured his long-term commitment. This clear vote for him also strengthens the German sport."

"I'm very delighted to see this clear vote in favour of Thomas Bach. It is a tribute for his work and an appreciation of the German sport," President of the German Soccer Association (DFB) Wolfgang Niersbach said.

"We kept our fingers crossed for Thomas Bach. I'm glad that he has been elected," Germany coach Joachim Loew added.

Bach is a former fencer, who won the foil event at the Summer Olympics 1976 in Montreal. He crowned himself one year later as a world champion in Buenos Aires, the place where he was elected as the successor of Jaques Rogge to be IOC's ninth president.

IOC Presidents are elected for a term of eight years with the option to remain in office for another four years following a re-election.

The new president faces numerous difficulties yet doping seems as one of the current and repeatedly emerging problems.

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