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ROME Wholesale NBA Hats China , Dec. 6 (Xinhua) -- Italian lawmakers have been urged to reform electoral law after the country's highest court ruled Wednesday that the current law is unconstitutional.

In theory, it means the current Italian government -- including the prime minister, the council of ministers, and the parliament -- are all illegitimate, though in practice the ruling dramatically ratchets up pressure for lawmakers to reform the system.

The existing law was ruled unconstitutional for two main reasons: the bonus seats it gives the winning party in the lower house of parliament are seen as contrary to the fairness doctrine in the constitution, and that the system could prevent voters from picking their specific representatives.

The legitimacy of the law had been previously questioned when it led to the inconclusive national election results in February this year Wholesale NBA Shirts China , critics said. It resulted in a hung parliament divided among three mutually incompatible blocs -- the center-left alliance led by Bersani, the center-right coalition led by former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and comedian Beppe Grillo's anti-establishment Five-Star Movement.

None of them were strong enough to govern alone without working majority in Senate under the current electoral law. The result was a two-month stalemate that resulted in the compromise government Letta leads.

The majority of Italians also believe the electoral system should be overhauled, according to a poll conducted Monday by local firm Opinioni.

The process of political reform has moved at a slow pace because some parties, especially the smaller political parties, fear that changes could erode their political presence.

However, the court's ruling shows that change is likely to come sooner rather than later.

"Now there is no more room for excuses from anyone. We have to move Wholesale NBA Hoodies China , quickly, to change the law," said Italian Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Angelino Alfano.

The political reform process also means lawmakers will have to take their focus away from trying to fuel the country's economic recovery, which is just getting started.

The government and many economists believe the Italian economy will show positive growth this quarter and in 2014 as a whole, though some warn the recovery could easily get off track.

A sleep lab patient, Pasadena resident William H. Chapman Wholesale NBA Jerseys China , was tested after his wife wrote his doctor to express concern about his restless sleep. Chapman, 61, has been a heavy snorer for decades.

"The descriptions of my snoring went from something like a growling bear to a machine that was going to knock down the house," he said. When he and his son went camping in southern Utah last year, his son asked him to sleep in the truck.

He felt bone-tired during the day, what he describes as "30 years struggling against this weariness that you feel perpetually. No alertness. No get-up-and-go."

Finally Wholesale Nike NBA Hats , Chapman spent a night at Torrance Memorial, plugged into the polysomnograph. The test results were startling: He was holding his breath as many as 57 times an hour, each time for 10 to 40 seconds. He would wake repeatedly as he held his breath, meaning that he unknowingly was sleeping only four or five hours a night.

A federal report concluded that while 60 million Americans suffer from apnea, narcolepsy and other chronic sleep problems, the majority are undiagnosed and untreated. Despite its pervasiveness and impact upon the society Wholesale Nike NBA Shirts , sleep-related problems are not recognized as a public health issue.

The most common and severe form, called obstructive sleep apnea, features extremely loud snoring interrupted by pauses and gasps. Breathing stops for 10 seconds or longer, sometimes dozens or even hundreds of times each night.

Most frequently, the airway becomes blocked during sleep due to excessive relaxation of throat muscles. In children, sleep apnea is often the result of enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

People with sleep apnea may show signs of anxiety Wholesale Nike NBA Hoodies , depression, irritability, forgetfulness and fatigue during the day. Recent studies have found that sleep apnea sufferers have two to five times as many automobile accidents as people in the general population.

Treatment includes weight reduction (most people with severe sleep apnea are overweight); avoiding alcohol within two hours of bedtime and sleeping drugs; surgery to remove excess tissue at the back of the throat or enlarged tonsils and adenoids; use of a special mask that improves flow of air through nasal passages.

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