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In order to be successful and reach your goals Keith Hernandez Cardinals Jersey , there are several characteristics you must possess. In a series of articles we are going to examine the things that are so essential to your growth that without these traits self-improvement would be practically nil. If you are lacking any of the traits discussed, they can be acquired. So then, to create or fine tune these attributes would be your first step to prosperity.

One of the foremost qualities you must possess to succeed is Intense Desire. Desire plays a dominant part in progress. Why is this trait so essential to your improvement and how can it benefit you in the attainment of your dreams? How can you acquire and intensify desire?

Do not confuse need with desire. Ofttimes, we mistakenly assume that need will drive us. To illustrate: Years ago my friend and I both operated a cleaning business. We did not agree on what would make a hard working, dependable employee. She hired applicants who were in desperate financial need, concluding that they would work hard and be dependable. I Orlando Cepeda Cardinals Jersey , on the other hand, hired the applicants that drove up in fancy cars, and were well dressed. I knew they would be dependable because they desired nice things. That desire would move them to work hard and appreciate their job. As a result, my friend had a constant turnover, while I barely had any turnover at all.

What do we learn from this example? In spite of how much you may need money, fame Chris Carpenter Cardinals Jersey , freedom, or even an attitude adjustment, unless you develop an intense desire for the end result, you will never be moved to action that will endure and overcome the hurdles.

Desire is what motivates, it is the force that drives you. The greater the intensity of desire, the more you will be driven to action. Trying to reach goals without a consuming desire would be like driving your automobile without gasoline. You would not expect to get very far Vince Coleman Cardinals Jersey , would you? Desire is what stimulates to action, it is what propels you forward, and the result is the development of strength, skill and intelligence in proportion to that desire. To satisfy the desire obstacles are faced with undaunting courage and no battle is feared. It is only with intense desire that the finer characteristics are defined and you now develop, strength, courage Mark McGwire Cardinals Jersey , patience, endurance, and intelligence.

Obviously you desire some change that is why you are reading this can intensify that desire. Imagine yourself with the end result that you are seeking, the fame, freedom, new relationship or business venture. Doesn't it feel great to accomplish it? Imagine the feelings of pride Whitey Herzog Cardinals Jersey , excitement, the ultimate happiness the experience will bring you. Let your imagination create a longing for the completion of those dreams. In this way your desire will be more consuming.

As this intense desire propels you forward in the attainment of your goal, and becomes satisfied, new desires replace the old one and you gain a renewed exertion. Whether the desire is for wealth, fame, power Lou Brock Cardinals Jersey , or greater freedom, once the desire is satisfied a greater desire takes it place. As you reach your goal you will find that the desire has grown far ahead of you. It awakens, stimulates, and propels you towards the fulfillment of your dreams and you do indeed move forward with Intense Desire.

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