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The Achievement Mindset Part 2 Self Help Articles | February 27 Wholesale Derrick Nnadi Jersey , 2007
A Mindset of Focus and Unwavering Concentration, Riveted Upon Your Deepest Desire Is A Process That Is As Wonderful In Its Undertaking As Is The Realization Of The Goal At The End Of The Journey
The Carnegie SecretThe "Carnegie Secret" is a concept that Napoleon Hill studied extensively. Carnegie told Hill that the formula for success was so powerful that if learning how to apply it was taught to students, the time they needed to spend in formal schooling could be cut in half. This formula, Carnegie repeated, was used by all the leading businessmen and inventors of the late 19th and early 20th century.
Carnegie asked Hill to go out and confirm the application of the formula by the 500 richest Americans (and others).
Hill in his introduction to Think and Grow Rich refers to the "formula" as a conception which is the foundation of all success Wholesale Breeland Speaks Jersey , and necessary to achieve the premise of the book. Hill describes the secret in every chapter but never states it plainly, believing its use is only available to those who possess a 'readiness' for the secret: a disposition Hill states as essential to the concept itself.
Hill spends a great deal of time in Think and Grow Rich discussing the life of inventor Thomas Edison, whose personal belief in the practical electric light is now legend; it is stated in the book that the great inventor personally put his stamp of approval on the formula as being necessary for the attainment of all achievement, including riches. However, personal belief alone is not enough for success Wholesale Darwin Thompson Jersey , requiring "The Secret" of achievement for that all important next step.
One of the basic premises of the 'Carnegie Secret' or 'Carnegie Formula' is that whatever your mind focuses on will attract like-minded people to you. As one element necessary for Achievement, it can also lead to failure when internal focus is so strong that like-mindedness cannot be achieved; examples are all around us, and Hill pointed them out repeatedly in his writings.
Hill talked at length about the major importance of DESIRE in the lives of successful people to help achieve focus.
Hill's proposition was that if you have a desire that is great enough, literally nothing can stop you from achieving your aim(s) through the power of like-minded attraction; but only as long as this desire does not have selfishness as a component.
He offered six steps to 'fuel' desire so that it will become the 'motivating master' of those who use the formula. Riches are what Hill's teachings promise the reader; these riches can be in the form of money or any other result aimed for, if the person applying the formula uses focus and desire properly to achieve them.
Selfish use of focus and desire Wholesale Khalen Saunders Jersey , Hill warned, often leads to poverty or far worse.
Thoughts Are ThingsHill spent most of his effort on describing to his readers and students the paradox that "Thoughts Are Things." In fact, the subtitle of the introduction chapter of "Think and Grow Rich" is "The Man Who 'Thought' His Way."
The ability of people to share thoughts underpins achievement, and Hill stated that this allows the success-oriented individuals to attract like-minded people in order to accomplish anything.
Most of the examples in Think and Grow Rich concern the great difficulty of creating and maintaining like-mindedness, and Hill termed this concept "The Master Mind". Hill's numerous examples of racism Wholesale Juan Thornhill Jersey , prejudice, war, poverty, discouragement, and fear illustrated the significant barriers that existed in his time (and still exist today) as the road-blocks to Achievement through the coordination of like-minded individuals.
The Spirit of GivingHill stated many times in his writings that the success formula required a complete and total understanding of the spirit of giving. He named this concept "The Golden Rule". Many times he was quoted as saying "There is no such thing as something for nothing".
Hill was a devout Christian Wholesale Mecole Hardman Jersey , and did not see any conflict between his success philosophy and his religious faith.
Acquiring the Carnegie Secret of Achievement, Hill said after his own books were in wide circulation, could only be had by those "ready" for it; this meant understanding the entire Philosophy including elements such as the Golden Rule, Faith, and Desire. Once ready Wholesale Tyrann Mathieu Jersey , anyone could go on to acquire great wealth as it required only application of the formula.
The Creation of the United States of AmericaHill never directly provided a written definition of the secret of Achievement, for he was adamant it would deprive people of the ability to learn it for themselves.
Hill's belief was that the US Constitution was one of the finest living examples of the Philosophy of Achievement in existence, and the same power was available to all; to which there is no doubt just as much disbelief in our times as in Hill's.
And yet the Constitution does exist, making Hill's claim all the more tantalizing that such a power is available to the average person; this claim alone is mainly responsible for the millions of copies of his books in circulation.
There is no hard-copy record of the Carnegie Secret in existence, beyond Carnegie's own stupendous fortune which still exists today as the Carnegie Foundation. Carnegie's wealth was so great in his time that its share of the US Gross National Product was far in excess of today's largest fortunes Wholesale Frank Clark Jersey , rivaling the USA so much that is was once thought Carnegie could become "an Emperor in Washington".
And yet, Carnegie achieved this wealth as an individual, and not completely without controversy; but as a historical fact it is indisputable that one man was responsible.
On this basis, Carnegie's secret formula is considered by some to be a long lost secret, awaiting rediscovery.
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