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Physiotherapy in Sydney Weighs In On the Benefits of Pilates Health Articles | January 4 Wholesale Dexter Williams Jersey , 2012

Physiotherapy in Sydney is taking a new turnwith the popularity of Pilates, a quite new physical discipline. Manyhealth-conscious individuals are now adopting Pilates to stay healthy and fit.Many physiotherapists also start to offer it as their service. How does itbenefit our health?

Whatis Pilates?

The Pilates method, simply known asPilates, is a series of 500 exercises which are all inspired by ballet,calisthenics and yoga. It is a non-aerobic form of exercise promoted by JosephPilates, a German-American physical trainer in the 1920s. Pilates had designedhis discipline to aid athletes and dancers in the injuries and help them returnsafely to exercise and to maintain their overall fitness.

Pilates is a great way to improve yourbodys flexibility Wholesale Jace Sternberger Jersey , strength, balance and awareness. It concentrates on thecore muscles of your body: the abdominal muscles, the lower back, the hips andthe buttocks. The exercises are done repeatedly and precisely, requiring you tohave great concentration effort to move your body through precise ranges ofmotions.

TheBenefits of Pilates

People love to do Pilates for the benefitsit brings to health and overall well-being. Consider some of the great benefitsit brings:

Improves your flexibility

Strengthens the core muscles ofyour body: the abdominal muscles, the lower back Wholesale Elgton Jenkins Jersey , the hips and the buttocks

Balances the muscular strengthon both sides of your body

Enhances the muscular controlof your back and spine

Stabilises your spine

Corrects your posture

Improves your bodys physicalcoordination and balance

Relaxes your shoulder, neck andupper back

Relieves your joint and spinalinjuries

Prevents musculoskeletalinjuries

Because Pilates includes aspects of yoga,it can help you deal with stress effectively. Do you feel a lot of stress inyour life? If you dont know how to cope with it, it can make you ill and bringyou to your death. It can help you keep you mind focused and clear, bringingyou to engage with your body and freeing you of your stress and tension.

A sedentary lifestyle can make your musclesand joints stiff and make you look and feel older than your age. By participatingin Pilates, you can make your body more flexible and attain a better range ofmotion. The other benefits it can also bring to a flexible body is that it camimprove your blood circulation. Your blood cells get more nourishment and youhave a strong bloodstream to your muscles.

It is also a great mental activity too Wholesale Darnell Savage Jr. Jersey ,given that it incorporates yoga in its system. Breathing in your Pilatesexercises helps improve blood flow, delivering more oxygen to your brain. Whenyou do exercise regularly, you can become more mentally alert.

The series of exercises helps to make yourbody properly aligned. Most of us have only one side of the body that isstronger and more flexible than the other. Pilates can help balance thestrength and alignment of your body. Exercising on a regular basis can give youa stronger and more toned muscles and joints.

InterestedIn Pilates?

If you live in Sydney and are interested inlearning more about Pilates, you better seek a professional Physiotherapy in Sydneypractice that offers regular classes on the new discipline. There are manytrained physiotherapists in Sydney so it wont be hard to find one.

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