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We have all had interesting experiences. We''ve all had things happen in our lives that are worthy of writing about Brian Gibbons Devils Jersey , but how can we turn our memories into money?

1. Write feature articles. I knew a writer who pitched a story about being hit by a drunk driver. The night before she had actually been hit by a drunk driver and even while she was going through this horrible experience she recognized the importance of what was happening. Once she had decided that she was going to write about it, she began paying more attention and remembering feelings and details. She didn''t waste any time. As soon as she got home from the accident she wrote the story. It was raw and alive and she quickly sold it. Then, she thought of all of the ways that she could modify the story to different markets. She wrote another version about the money spent on drunk drivers and how much it really costs when someone drives drunk. She turned that one horrible experience into a few stories and a fair amount of money.

2. Look at what is going on in the world now and find a way to connect it to something that you have done in the past. When the second gulf war started I had another friend who wanted to write a piece about sex and war. It was timely because the war was obviously happening. However Pavel Zacha Devils Jersey , there were a lot of writers who had the same idea and wanted to write the same story. My friend got the job because of her personal experience--years earlier she had volunteered in refugee camps in Croatia and had a love affair while she was there. She found a way to use her personal experience to give the story something extra, that one thing that she could offer and no one else could.

3. Write for anthologies. One of the best ways to grow your writing resume and to start getting published is to write for anthologies. Anthologies are often themed. So whether the anthology is a memoir or fiction, there should be at least an open call for submission that one of your experiences can fit into. If you''re a beginning writer Cory Schneider Devils Jersey , writing from memory is often easier because you already know the story. You understand the beginning, middle and end. You know what''s going to happen so you can foreshadow and construct accordingly. Experienced writers also like to use true experiences--they know that nothing can compare to the emotions and passions produced by writing about something true.

4. Teach others. Most of us are experts at something. If you work you probably spend most of your time doing one thing, chances are you do it pretty well. You can write instructional books Kyle Palmieri Devils Jersey , handouts, or teach classes. Let''s say you work with Excel everyday. You can write an ebook on the best way to use Excel. You can even send it to Microsoft and see if they''ll hire you to write some of their Excel documentation. You never know what might happen when you put yourself out there.
If you’re wondering whether or not you’ll be able to cheat pokies and slots machines you ought to be careful. Casinos don’t take kindly to people cheating at their games which type of thought could land you in many trouble.

That being said – yes it is possible to cheat pokies machines, and in fact it has been done numerous times previously.

Ways of Cheating Slots Machines

While there are numerous methods which are used to cheat slots machines – some of the classic ones happen to be adapted time and time again.

A popular approach to cheating pokies machines in the past was to use specially created fake tokens or shaved coins to make the equipment believe that you’re playing with real cash when you’re actually not. Actually Drew Stafford Devils Jersey , this method of cheating slots machines dates back even further than that towards the days when players would cheat the machine by tying a string towards the coin and yanking it out after the machine registered its presence.

Another fairly common method involves fooling the equipment into paying out a lot more than it should. Recently it has been accomplished by blocking the sensor that determines the number of coins a pokies machine has paid – but in the past it’s been carried out by a number of methods including some fairly complex gadgets that were designed for the task.

Obviously there are other ways of cheating slots and pokies machines too, and also over the years manufacturers make it harder and harder to do so. That being said, there is no such thing as a completely watertight system!

Of course when it comes to online slots and online pokies – cheating is a lot more difficult. Lacking hacking the casino server Adam Henrique Devils Jersey , you’ll find that there isn’t much that you can do because you’re not actually physically standing around the machine itself.

Through various types of sabotage, plots, cheating rings John Moore Devils Jersey , and so on – cheats have were able to successfully get away on numerous occasions. That said, most eventually don’t realize caught at some point or other – and that’s pretty much the end of the career like a pokies player.

So if you’re thinking of cheating a slots machine – think again. It honestly isn’t worth it over time, and much more likely than not you’ll just end up receiving caught on your try unless you really and truly know what you’re doing.

Remember – it really is a bad idea to cheat at any game Taylor Hall Devils Jersey , especially one in a casino high are a lot of cameras, sensors, and other devices which are specifically engineered to assist casino staff catch anyone even thinking about cheating at pokies or slots!

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