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Teacher simultaneously presses Xiang bottom ground the Tao guy Tao travelling expenses, part tell a smelly and long story for him.The gist is your dad be killed, your mama committed suicide, I go to night one step, can save to return you from bad people, your personal enemy is who who who, or say that he has what characteristics, go to kid, kill people pay with life, blood debt blood Chang.
Then once two legs stare, hang.
Those author true his mamas are malicious, for letting the leading role didn't lead long don't hang, always those for the sake of leading role Qing exert the old man son old woman of all strenuous efforts to write to hang.The somebody else is on the hoof and can not eat how many catties of rice, why the need for?
The old headman of oneself's house didn't not only die, but also live ground very good.Also positive as it does, he while giving an account some tasks, always say the ground is unclear not pure, let leaf cloud for autumn in fog, with play hide-and-seek.
One isn't well acquainted with but again warm words.He has never seen, the person who have never shouted as well, but see arrive nearby naturally starts to shout this time, and the taste of in the mind is afraid to is oneself to only understand.
It is the whole, will uncover to be fond of bottom today.
When the car gets into downtown in the Yan city, the leaf autumn connected her telephone through the number that the violet stays.Wait until a telephone after there being started to connect, the leaf autumn says:"River Yan is purple, I want to see you."
The telephone is there long long the ground is silent, even the breath voices can not smell.The autumn of the leaf had some to regret, should call her violet , after waiting until to cheat out her, invites her again to tell her owns the business concerning parents.The long time didn't steep a girl and cheated the female kid's ability all is descending.
Think in the leaf autumn affirmative want to suffer the time of brush-off, words tube in but spread river Yan purple deep and lowly voice.
"9:00.The Xuan Yuan meets."
Xuan Yuan meeting?
Leaf autumn Leng Leng, just think of oneself basically don't know Xuan Yuan where will.
Wanted to make a telephone call again to ask violet in the past, but thought of just her long ground of silent at the precinct chief of telephone and as if from the grave in send out of Sen cold voice, still keep canceling this mind.
Ye Qiu wanted to think and dialed the telephone that the fee soars.He mixed in Si in the Yan city for several years so, should know this Xuan Yuan will at where.
"Is the leaf little, occupy to order?"The fee soars greatly voice to spread.The autumn of the leaf doesn't like that he calls he as lord son, so he also follows other persons to call the leaf is little.
"The affair handles of how?"The autumn of the leaf asks a way.
The crystal temple that soared in the fee last time in, oneself directed a bushy beard will 6,000 gave to tie up to throw to become one cachinnation handle of upper-class society in the Yan city in the avenue.For see face such as life of the big household to say, don't do some backstrokes action affirmation is an abnormality.
"Am I just wanting to make collective report this matter toward the little leaf.Their backstrokes combine to be different from me to think so relentless and just seek to lend to confiscate and seal a crystal temple."
"Is the crystal temple confiscated and sealed?"
"Yes.However, what does a crystal temple calculate?Compare with with six faces that throw to lose, basically unbearable a lift.Confiscated and sealed a crystal temple, my ability opened another 1 again.The face threw, can be not so easily can beg for to return to.The leaf is little, I feel, six stayed successor this time."The fee soared to lay up smiling face and said very in earnest.
"You notice.They perhaps also have successor.Check several Yans this person for me moreover."
"How many is Yan?The cousin of Yan pleasant breeze?"
".Do you know him?"The guess of leaf autumn indeed as expected became reality, are Yan a few relationship with Yan pleasant breezes still not shallow.
"Just have to hear.He at locally time is few.Have never got in touch with."The fee soars to explain to say.
Ye Qiu once hears they just come back from the abroad and would not like to entwine on this problem, either.Haven't led any contact to 2 people of now after all.Turn to go into a positive to ask a way:"Had to once hear Xuan Yuan meeting?"
"Xuan Yuan meeting?How?Is the leaf little to want to play in the past?That is a good place."
".Do you know?Tonight 9:00, my had to go."
The fee soared to want to think and said:"I the clock drive to pick up leaf at 8:30 little."
The color of the sky in winter blackly and very early, just at 6:00 many clocks, the sky drew back the act cloth that the ash receives, on the street also the lights is bright.

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