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Liao learns the soldier puts cigarette butt into his in front of wine cup inside, the ice-cold liquid once immerses cigarette butt, the Teng rose a burst of white smoke, send out an of Chi.This action is very rude, once took charge of a Nu idea of fast face one Shan namely die, the great waves not and surprisedly said with smile:"Does Mr. Liao think that I have already spoken amiss a ground of place?"
The old Gu accepts bribe and accepted and then accepted.Everyone again be not don't know.God knows he delivers today what nerve, incredibly send one the person of two brains come over.I still think that sending one at least is capable of come to provide a little intelligence report, say that kind of the useless talk has what use."
The south younger brother's hand orders table to say:"I think that you can leave now and return to give an account that the task successfully completed to bureau chief Gu.We want to open a debate the detail of some illegal behavior right away, do you still need to listen to?"
Once took charge of fast put on sweat, face a burst of and red and a burst of white, finally smiled:"Is ashamed, mix on the officer noodles spoil, that kind of the words early become natural, also please forgive much and more.The bureau chief makes me take intelligence report to come over, the business of red bean Chinese fir, our police will match with you.Still have, the some other day is ex- to get news, Lin Yu this several in the last yearses in fact always all at in the sea didn't leave, but medium sea City several must population, the huge is been boundless, done not know what start to seek, but he secretly manipulates red bean Chinese fir always undisputable fact."
Liao learned a soldier to once connect polite the other party to pass a ground of good smoke to spark and asked a way:"I really want to know wood over disappears for eight years, why you still so value to them."
Once took charge of fast consideration for a while Cuo phrase, say:"First, he is extreme dangerous of is escaping murderer, this man's not only cruel hand is hot, and the personality is ferocious, the Zhi accounts 100, careful, the one handle knife of a person could kill councilman's whole family in week in those early years.At that time parliament just in the election, the week councilman had two sturdy rivals, he feared some otiose troubles, so invited a lot of bodyguards, be on guard very and severe, discrepancy frequently ten several 20 people, even most professionally assassination didn't dare to act rashly as well, Lin Yu accurate decoration assault route, the single-handed averted from the layer after layer supervision of bodyguard, in the toilet week the councilman chopped eight, after the event more still calmly Qian
The person the week instrument member in home puts poison in a hand to his family, this courage and judgment, the record of events removing to carry on misdeed doesn't talk and also be good enough to let people to change countenance."
Leave very far away story just equal to legend of oneself just, talk over even if, south the younger brother is light a smile:"This was already the business of eight year agos."
"Tally up the intelligence report for getting according to us in fact, eight in the last years Lin Yu return over the two hand.The first time is 2003, Chiang-Nan food group ground the owner be chopped, although there is no evidence, from the dead body up discover of connect into seven asteroid blood holes: Big Dipper, our making sure is that Lin Yu is beyond doubt, because that is him special of kill people way.Chiang-Nan food that legal case also caused a sensation a whole country and finally still kept concluding without concrete result, could not grasp a person to have what way, above force to ask always the ability not is confused to grasp an individual to the Chong number?Still having is a , March in last year, a forcible rape young girl's end but because of evidence the not enough not guilty release of industrial department officials' son, the somebody elses all call him big little and come out law court that evening, his corpse also hangs at the front door of city hall before, still keep being Great Dipper on the body."
Liao learns a soldier to say with smile:"The Great Dipper is an Azrael advent in the ancient times ground symbol, this boy pours to also have a little in addition to suddenly and violently Anne is good, the ancient chivalrous man's flavor, I like thus ground person."
"From that after, any this person trace that has no Lin Yu any further, the red bean Chinese fir company still keeps putting number to accept a number, if there is no direct benefits conflict, the another influence can't provokes them on one's owns initiative, either."

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