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"The taste of box that is little to say useless talk, don't forget garbage."Liao learns a soldier to no longer manage him and turns round to go away and leave to gnash the teeth with hatred alone of guy.
Chiu is big strange to have no any further the mood investigates a student to examine a book, fuming drive a car to go home.Return to a home, the wife has already worked well meal and waits him at the door.
"Husband, tired Be getting worse today?See your facial expression not so good, I braised the pig bone wax gourd soup to repair for you.Under"the woman unties apron and brings up a briefcase for him, " etc. I knead shoulder for you not very good?"
This place shallow water street southern garden, cover 200 much even rices, also have the 2 F of small scaled parking lot and turf-grass yard small villa, the slightest can not give him the felling for bringing a house.
Chiu is big strange to looking at a wife wax Huang of the crow's feet of face and canthus, have no cause to feel a burst of to disgust, flick to open her, fall off the briefcase to the house, suddenly roar:"Is the pig bone wax gourd soup again!I once said-I not the love eat!I want to eat sea cucumber abalone!"
The wife amazes that the ground says:"Husband how was this ?BE be not have at school what not agreeable matter?Sea cucumber abalone cost a lot of, the kid went to a senior high school again, can save and then save 1:00, have no the necessity is so extravagant."
Chiu big strange Fen Fen not is already, hurtle to restaurant:"What about kid?"
The wife tailgates him to arrive at a restaurant:"The kid waits for a long time, you say to feel hungry, I make him eat first, now upstairs affected industry."
Chiu is big strange to start to carry a bowl, the Gu Du Gu Du drank a few soup and put on the table, Hua a , soup juice four splash, stuffy track:"It Be getting more satisfied."
The wife says:"Is big strange, what were you today?"
"Do not take care of me, I want to reduce weight, I want to train for physical fitness!"The pure white skin that Chiu is big strange to take off blouse, peep out whole body and soft fall of fat meat, run to the outside yard to do a flexibility exercise, immediately and up flee next jump, ran a few steps, and then started to do Fu to lie to support.A short moment flicks sweat like rain, the asthma is like cow.
He props up more two times, arm again pain again tingle, imitating the Buddha isn't the thing on his/her own body, have to lie down to stop for rest, gradually present to come from in the brain F the abdomen is eight pieces of macho man images of abdominal muscles, think a way:"Hey Hey, Liao learns a soldier and waits I to do a whole body muscle, have you Be getting more good-looking.At that time garbage box the house that would be you."
Chiu is big strange although grow Gao Da Dun, when top the Xun lead a director behind live a comfortable life, the arms and legs connects to lift an aquatic second floors not and frequently of strength also lack, be learned soldier speech incitement by Liao, depressed and not talking much, unexpectedly stired up he strengthens figure the mind of Jian body.
His wife feels this behavior very suddenly, the vigilance ground stares at him, cold might as well Chiu Be big strange to bellow 1:"Oh!The Shan wore a waist and handed me to return to quickly ……"
Liao learns a soldier to temporarily acquire to try out a period for a month, the mood relaxs down and returns to apartment, tired feel to surge forward at heart, lie down and then sleep.Sleep to arrive at the mid-night drive hungry awake, a pail of instant noodleses in the home all can not find and suddenly hear the next door spread a burst of Nu to scold, is a rightness of men and women is drastically quarreling.
At quitely at the mid-night, argue a voice particularly irritating to the ear, occasionally return a companion weeping over of female voice and male holding of voice Niang, rough it a plate.
Accident of BE, he still hear the neighbors complaining and advise the words of Zu and want to come to will certainly have foolish one big cluster of person to wait to join a crowd for fun outside the door.Still keep going out to seek some midnight snack to fill belly, keep off the ground of this right and wrong Be getting better.
Push away once the door see, the ground porcelain slice spread a ground of hallway and had some a clothes, small toy, small gift.The No.501 in his next door room, the doorway opens, a few men and women shrink at the behind to look about toward the inside, and also a women hypocritically advise a way:"Oh, have what well noisy of, the husband and wife fight bed tail with, you all did so for a long time male girl friend, one is each to back an one step, has what not say?Beat so many bad things, all want to be expensive ah, very pitiful, also rather send to me."
Liao learns a soldier wrinkly eyebrows, the strabismus sees in great disorder and unbearable inside the room, a male youth was clenching to send the cake girl's hair for him to denounce openly yesterday:"Lascivious woman, with you so long, even take 1,000 pieces not to come out, Lao Tze is going to the Teng reach companies to go to work tomorrow, buy new western dress, understand?"
The girl endures tears to say:"Those money stays to buy a house of ……can not use indiscriminately."
Liao learns a soldier to silently ask the flank one person:"Exactly and what is the row?"
That person sees with relish, doesn't hope his one eye as well and says:"Just listenned to they is fighting, seem to say that male of find out a new work, very important, spend money pack some public appearance and ask him girl friend to want money, the E is a that girl.That female isn't willing to give, 2 people fought, more and more fierce, also fell off to break down a lot of things.Is alas, yesterday of this female just moves to come over, the person is pretty passionate, how of stand the boyfriend that has white rice?"Talk the idea of bottom to very regret deeply, the Ze Ze in has a voice and see while shaking head not only.
The girl got one box on the ear again and dazed to mismanage ground dynasty external appearance in the door many see go, is learning the soldier's vision towards ascending Liao.Is painful, sad in that look in the eyes, lose, extremely complicated, also include the meaning for asking for help, Liao learns a soldier Luo Mao in heart and said while eating her few small cakeses yesterday of words:"I make Liao learn a soldier, someone of this street hereafter humiliate you and remember to seek me" immediately ring out in the brain.
The that male youth scolds a way again:"Also say to marry me, now even 1,000 pieces Be not willing to give, whether take to keep a small white face?Say quickly!"
The girl sees him without any reason he of Wu Mie, two go pure tears to finally follow a face to slip bottom, understands to try very hard to shake head:"You, you don't want to blather, I, I have no ……"
The male's youth Yang hand desire beats, suddenly neck a tight, already drive from behind stop, involuntarily loosen the hair of opening the miss, call way:"Shi ……what person?"
"Person your mama forces!Fight Lao Tze to go to bed!The chicken chicken is very slanting, give me the disappearance right away!"Liao learns a soldier person at after death, the better arm wreath is on his neck and pour to drag along to go out an outside.The male youth turns however body, vital part under the yoke of person, make not and up and vigorously, on the mouth the milli- is very good:"You dare to take care of our private affairses, you, not wanting of your his mama lived ……" words didn't finish saying, the throat was one pain, that felling seems a steel wire to mourn oneself, the facial expression in a twinkling rises purple red, a blue vein suddenly and violently rises on the face, could not say words.
Drag along hallway, just release him, the male youth grasps throat Fu to cough on the ground not only, "BE, is who dare to move big Ye?"
Condition of breaking out, the neighbor and girlses are all stunned the facial expression solidify, proper just be still chattering without stopping of advise an aunt also Be getting more silly:"Little Liao?"The guest rooms that lives in this floor how much all know some underworlds inside situations that Liaos learn a soldier, return to absolute being, say in succession:"This person is getting more beyond the limit, a big man still begins to the girl friend, world conscience, noisy surrounding neighbors not get quiet and peaceful, little Liao kick out him quickly."

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