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The male youth has already seen a Liao's learning a soldier isn't good kind generation and have some to shrink back, but he how know this man is a make moves will the other party knock down of difficult tie up person, just meant to say some soft condition words of taking, on recording a knee crest on the lower abdomen, even sprayed overnight rice to come out all of a sudden.
"Prohibit in the Vinaceous Rosefinch street to stir a matter, I eat a midnight snack, if come back to still see you at, you died to settle."Liao learns a soldier to send out a warning and ignore how their facial expression is and without telling anyone arrive building way etc. elevator.Stayed in the apartment for more than a years, the Zhou Fu night, seldom see neighbor's one side, make moves to involve in other's business still once, the weak look in the eyes of miss Be some to make him suffered.
He just walked to the down stairs, the street outside rang out a bellowing of one motor, immediately after more than 20 motorcycles roared and shouted since then and stopped in front of him under.This young man, the dress fur-lined jacket skin trousers has, all of the collar cuff of sleeve are fetters, have of shave punk hair style, the ear beat 78 ears to nail, naked last body have, the chest line wears a tatoo, is exactly the hooligans of Vinaceous Rosefinch street.All carry a girl behind the car of many people.The leaf small white takes off helmet to say with smile:"Elder brother Bing, so Qiao, we are about to seek you, three mulberries took to take a bath city to just accept a number, the quite a few is 1000 pieces, enjoyed."
"Do not go, I eat some thing to return to go to bed, since departure vexed I."
"Alas!, you a make a special trip for person the road arrive this from the Tong city, be for inviting this glasses Zi?The somebody else isn't willing to also do one the honor."The hair dyes into white and wears sunglasses, one face is cool mutually southern younger brother after death that girl say with smile.The girl is a bubble just yesterday up, talked to smile of didn't know proper restraint, south the younger brother originally smiled the face of the Ying of idea Ying right away Kua come down, Ye write she followed slippery shawl long the hair pushes a car to descend, "smelly 38, this was elder brother Bing, your his mama's man talked to interrupt and apologized to elder brother Bing quickly!"
This pushes of dint, again from the top downwards swoop, the girl falls off noodles at the cement road, the arm wipes one big piece skin, she cringes from fear a ground of station to rise, soft-voiced way:"Elder brother Bing, sorry ……" other a few originally still just crazy grounds to girls smiled to scold, immediately silent as cicadas in winter.
One stem the person all smile happily ground to looking at two of him.
Liao learned a soldier to sweep their one eye:"All seriously order for me, make physical advances to vomit gutter language what a scandal, we are to have morals to contain cultural social new youth.Tell another a good news that makes you disappoint, I have already found out a new work, yesterday what to put up stakes is which several, take out money quickly."
"The banker isn't you, money can not arrive in your hand.Moreover we just escort you to when get the order of the boot, you just found out a work and hadn't opened a treasure."The brothers of a chest full with thick hair says.
"The Pei roll for me quickly, Lao Tze wants to go to work tomorrow."
"Do not so not do one the honor?The brotherses, up!"Leaf small white one make next, a few brotherses seven hands eight feet arrive his car rear seat.
Liao learns a soldier wry smile way:"I feel hungry and seek to have the store to eat."
"That good, there is Japanese seafood cuisine in the evil spirit bar of dance, we go to that place."
Old Liao is helpless and enter night club hard get away:"Set out."
A motorcycle spews out thick black tail smoke and wears a line to speed on the street, person of car loudly yell, occasionally follow feet Deng to turn over the street side garbage box, spread the voice of the Mao Lang Mao Lang, call is more crary.
" Autumn today how don't come?"Liao asks after learning the soldier sit on the leaf's small white car.
"He at east four wreath roads and others race car, is on helping a novice, put up stakes 5,000 pieces of, the nothing important hangs to read lazy must see, we play ours."The small white lazy ocean ocean ground says.
The inside one foul air in evil spirit bar of dance, good people and bad people mixed up.This night club that is the low file in to consume, the light gleams the middlemen to sing to dance and gambles social evil, drinks to fight and floods the generation of people of all ways of life.Ordered a candle, in the moment put musical score, pulling the music band of accordion and cello was unique a little bit bright, can also usually interrupt for person, be been hard to pull to infuse two cups by a certain alcoholic, then return to seat up continue and pull, while leading not much is already adjust not become adjust.
Connect the girl bringing calculate together, altogether more than 30 persons, sat six tables, call up firm Pi, drink five Yaos six.
Liao learned a soldier to order a sting body to living an oyster, a hot juice Chang fillet, a bowl of rice, selfish eat.Living an oyster to send into a mouth after being stained with the ground mustard, stab hot medium take great silky slip away;The Chang fish cuts into thin one, fresh delicate tasty, not from loudly appeal to the public to satisfy:"Mama of, eat well than the instant noodles 10000%."
"Elder brother Bing, you are hungry to become so, which company be to sweep a member?Isn't enough wages expense?"The knife Ba face Nie rather livings to say.
"Go to yours, don't stir Lao Tze's appetite."Liao learns a soldier and orders a cream cheese to roast a shell."The flavor is quite good, unfortunately measure too little.Small white, we the Vinaceous Rosefinch street has how many Japanese cuisines store?Tomorrow take a few brotherses to notify that they start collecting a protection fee."
Leaf small white wreathed in smiles, start to raise thumb to say:"Elder brother Bing, I a long while ago hope you this words."Because the police snuffs out, the hooligan isn't too overbearing, the concrete business concentration is in the bar, night club, take a bath massage center, have never involved a dining industry, the leaf small cold stare Chan is already a long time.
"You were already an eldest brother, it's enough that oneself took idea and why the need for wait my words?To, again warn you, later you can not harass me until I seek you on my own initiative.I this work relate to a nation future and permafrost destiny, permit not get half cent mishap."Liao's learning soldier's head doesn't lift as well and enjoy the food hugely, juice water splashes to get all of places BE.
"I a long while ago once told you, you carried the heavy responsibility of maintenance world peace."The leaf small white in a serious manner says that being other sits at the same table a few brotherses to smile into one regiment.Teach to teach person from can concern wordses, such as"future" and"prospect"...etc., the student after education will also produce the influence on society, was just enlarged by him a lot of times just.
BE eating happy, someone takes 2 to dress up a fashionable boy to arrive at his in front.
"Cross-eye, how don't you go to and dance to hang up a younger sister?"Liao learns a soldier to take out toothpick to very and not and high-classly pick teeth.
"Eldest brother, I lately accepted two younger brothers and wanted to get to know the world."The guy Chan of that nickname cross-eye says with smile, " Ji is clear, Anne's son, also quick give elder brother Bing small white does the elder brother toast?"
Two boy year however being 67 years old, being dressed in is weird, know on seeing to is to revolt a student, saw Liao learn a soldier very excited, meticulous the hands pouring wine offer up and respectully call a way:"Elder brother Bing!Little white elder brother!"
"Cross-eye, didn't I say, can not provoke a student, they are still kids."
"Greatly, eldest brother, they read a book of fart eye, usually ask for in the school is living not, I want to rather follow us to calculate and saved receive to abduct to do a to the utmost bad matter to the pit."
Liao learns a soldier to no longer manage him and says clearly to the Ji of in front:"Kid, which school do you study at?"
Ji clearly has a little the head of Nao Nao ashamedly:"Elder brother Bing, I read Gao San in Long Wang Shan's high school, at circle lake road well-known neighborhood in the tulip senior high school isn't far."The Ji is clearly a small the bludger in the school head of group, fight Dou to beat to racketeer to have no not dry, in normal times lira a footman walk sideways violent in action to arrest who beat who.His heart saves treachery and describe in dream movie of incitement life, the school is after all small to beat small make, admire tightly to the real underworld gang, have a time the cousin introduced to do obeisance cross-eye to do eldest brother, then oneself is black to help member from reside, saw the eldest brother of eldest brother at this time, could not control feelings to do an action of childishness.

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