Form a circlet son

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Mary early morning ground embrace so a lot of greatly report small report ground of the news entered the time of president Tang's office, the calf still had some falsely.Afraid is Tang Dong sees these news don't grieve can not.
Tang Guo took a rest last night very good, the Tang although Xing Tang, when she wants to wholeheartedly integrate, discovered that the bar is layer after layer.Was very not easy to wait until a chance now, want to well make use of naturally some kind of.
"President, this is the news that you gave an account to make me collect yesterday."Mary gingerly puts newspaper on the table.
"H'm."Tang Guo lets go of water cup and starts to browse this a lot of newspaper.
Mary is an employable secretary, turned over each newspaper to relevant Tang Guo and rich brocade king's news' page, could save many time for Tang Guo like this.
Fall needle in house can smell, Mary stands on the part and wait for Tang Guo once reading the thunderbolt of news empress great anger.
Unexpectedly Mary anticipates of the storm didn't appear, but this young president is to more see facial expression more dulcify,she has never noticed to those ends that have no good small report to marry first Yun, receive the son marries of the wordses of type?
"President, we want don't -deliver a pronouncement to the medium?"The Mary small voice reminds a way.
She is also Tang Bu Yi is regarded highly by Tang Guo for development ground talented person of Tang Guo, although being Tang Guo's full-time secretary,cannot comparing with thunder-storm that sort.And, now Tang Guo's seeming to have intention to is investigating her, regardless is ability or loyalty, she has to have a good performance, so but again some words have to say, not ability too much at will.
"Give out sound clearly?"Tang Guo raises head and shakes head a way:"Need not.We again etc., must sink ground to live spirit.If there is demand, I also match with rich brocade king to play a drama.Those people should sit not to live quickly?"
Is similar to what Tang Guo anticipated, that afternoon, Tang Guo is seeing group for whole yearses of financial report, a group of persons entered Tang Guo's office.
The finance department minister party sets up an east, public relations department minister the expensive Fang and the personnel department minister Gu shine on strong, the group outside unite a minister Yang soldier Wei and still have a few general managers of group subordinate companies, everyone mutually invite since then, well enough big in Tang Guo's office, can accept several people to come over to come together a conference.
Tang Guo understands their purposes naturally and passionately stands up, sets up for appearance with interrogative look and says with a smile:"Just secretary's set makes a phone call and says that you want to come over together.Can be frightened to death I, also think the Tang's what wonderful important event.Uncle Dang, we are in the office chat still go to anteroom?"
Finance department minister is one man about 50 years old, the shape is tiny fat, the facial expression is serious, Tang Bu Yi's old subordinate, have a prestige at very the Tang, because the salaries in every month is BE led by him to issue, be been called a God of Wealth by employee the Tang's drama.
So, Tang Guo would especially the idea inquire his opinion.
"Talk here good."The party sets up the east have no facial expression ground say.
"That is each and then Pleases sit down.Mary.Make tea."Tang Guo invites a group of persons to get to office a part ground sofa to sit in seat of honor bottom.
"Uncle Dang.What matter do you come to seek me to have?"Tang Guo sits on the party to set up east opposite.Thus the aspect communicates.It was public to also all sit down.Form a circlet son.
A group of persons each other to saw one eye.It is still set up east by party to speak first.
"President.Is original this is you ground private affairs.We should not interfere with, either.Can all of us are you father's ground old subordinate.Is that he lifts to pull out ground all alone.Can say.There is no your father.Have no us ground everyone is at.Being a person has to know to know that the boon hopes to repay.Although your father still lies on the sickbed now.Can we can not forget, either at first he to our these people ground advantage."
"Today is that we exceeded.I represent first ground everyone at the way is toward the president Qian.But these words suppress in our in the mind.Still need to come up to talk with president."The party sets up east to in earnest looking at Tang Guo.Ask a way:"President to son Wang Fu Dong rich brocade king ground how to see matter?"
"?"Tang Guo intentionally sets up for very in astonishment a facial expression.Say:"It is this matter.Just heard uncle Dang saying that the ground is so serious.I think what important event.In fact.

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