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"Is hesitant?Is this what mean?"The party set up east to sweep a few other companions one eye.Ask a way.
"In fact, originally the occurrence matter like this for me is also very surprised.The secretary collects her to the ground today news to embrace to come over to let me see and make me shocked.Outside how pass on a message suddenly and so more?"
"President, this affirmation is Wang Hou Hua to build power for his son.He supervisor's business section, the relationship with medium is very good.Letting the medium report according to their intention isn't a difficult matter."Public relations department minister expensive Fang one face smile idea ground to say.She is a women, and then have the advantage of age, so the time talked at will some, everyone can't feel, either what's wrong.
"H'm.I am to think so."Tang Guo nods.
"However these are of no account.Importance of BE.I while weighing this kind of result the Tang's gains or losses.If I promise to associate with rich brocade king, will can't make the group dynasty an I expect of, with accuracy does the direction drive?Everyone also saw, the group appeared many out of harmony voices recently, although I make every effort the feeling of considering the other people, can still keep feeling to lack the ability to do."If, I am to say if, I settle down with rich brocade king's ground relation, group meeting can't more of harmony is unified.Everyone dint dynasty does one make?Is total to now want toward the circumstances than me strong ascend a lot.Is each to think?"
Tang Guo's in the mind laughs behind one's backs, the relation is an establishment at own the foundation of common benefits.
Someone's place has the river the lake.Father at, that faction of father's this faction and Wang Hou Hua often conflict, however the father's power is big, Wang Hou Hua works still very know proper restraint.Everyone gets along with to pour to also live together peacefully.
Can the father suddenly appear an accident, oneself takes charge of the group of counting 10,000,000,000 properties by 20 successful in career ages.Not only only is a that factional heart of Wang Hou Hua to living disaffection, even if and originally be loyal to father's ground these people also keep to hesitate an attitude.
This is frequently also Tang Guo to meet the proposal that will ascend in the board of directors or the group leadership drive Wang Hou Hua to stir yellow reason.He has a help to be loyal to him of hatchet man, but oneself this place equal to few person in the Gu house.How can resist they?
If not that the finance department makes every effort a match, Tang Guo gets into Tang Shi Hou's a few investments to basically have no way success.
Tang Guo has already wished to draw together these people.Can have been having no opportunity.Just rich brocade king pays address to he such a chance.
They are frightened.It is frightened that oneself and rich brocade kings combine.Because words like this, Wang Hou Hua is necessarily certainly big.Be used as at first was loyal to their affirmation of father's ground will be pared power by Wang Hou Hua.
Now their coming over to force their they is an answer for , oneself again He Chang not is want to make them promise to do-it-yourself 1?
These people have to control in the oneself's hand.And the speed has to be quick.She goes under impatient etc..
"President, so not satisfactory.You think that rich brocade king just came back from the abroad, why Ji president Yu-----I say so not whether personal magic power that settles a president, but feel him having another diagram."
"Yes president, the Gu minister says of to.You think, if you married to go into Wang Jia, this Tang is still the Tang?Soon willing change name to call Wang Shi is afraid."
"President, the wolf sub- greed of rich brocade king, you have to recognize to know his despicable looks."
"President.Want president Tang Lao, if does he know that how to think today's business meeting?"
Public seven mouths eight give up of advise, Tang Guo Lian's facial expression is uncertain hesitant, like a dilemma.But the in the mind joy bloomed.
"President, in fact, your father reigns of time .And board director Wang Fu ground relation always on bed terms.Because we the ground help, Wang Fu Dong has never begged for as well what cheapness.On the decision of group graveness, be still president Tang Lao one speech decision.Now, president Tang Lao has peace of mind to convalesce, our nature will lend support to your ground with all strength work."The party set up east to see one eye Tang Guo, make a noise to declare a way.
Tang Guo's in the mind a surprised, lift the eye sees past to the party minister and sees him lightly nod to he, this just lets go of heart.
A person takes the lead.Other persons knew how to do naturally.
"President, the personnel department will definitely match with the president's work with all strength as well."
"We public relations department is also."

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