100 catties of rocks embraced in the hand unexpectedly starts appearing fracture

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Crash down!
Continuously crash down!
20 Zhangs!
40 Zhangs!
60 Zhangs!
"All got in touch with a lot of this coldest low temperatures, but, still keep feeling too cold, uncomfortable."The Teng green mountain cautiously watches a cold pond the object of side wall on all sides, this of the side wall has some objects, that is to according to a thing.The Teng green mountain is complete to be able to depend to according to a thing, Bian pure oneself probably descends distance.
"Should cross a foot of a hill, go deep into bottom in Tashan!"The Teng green mountain estimates to touch depth.
The last time attains this etc. depth, the Teng green mountain early accepts to can not stand and displayed to protect body inside the strength.But this time, but the Teng green mountain is resisted by physique muscle.
Continuously crash down!
"Is still really deep, this was in the underground.I have already descended to sink to fully have 300 meters."The Teng green mountain feels body the coldest and the coldest, at the same time-
"Mao Mao~~"
100 catties of rocks embraced in the hand unexpectedly starts appearing fracture.
Is cold to arrive to spilt open rock!This low temperature that is how.
"Cold abnormal condition."The Teng green mountain previous incarnation has never felt this etc. the coldest temperature, imitating the Buddha sturdy muscle, skin film didn't obstruct a function, those were the coldest to directly stimulate bone, is going to stimulate viscera unclearly, cold, the whole bodies are all icy cold, "have to use inside strength!"
Wildly and fiercely inside strength, madness at whole body everywhere revolve, resist low temperature.
"Is pleasurable Be getting more."The Teng green mountain cautiously looking at nether pond waters, because is too deep, even if with Teng green mountain astonishing sight, also unwillingly see pure surrounding 34 meterses.
Teng green mountain cautiously and with a downward exposure the noodles see go, "exactly?"Under mold faintness paste, have only dizzy purple color unclearly, this is very weak purple light dizzy, be good enough to see a while the Teng green mountain pure 78 Zhang distances, and along with close to, the Teng green mountain realizes, the temperature unexpectedly started a rally.
Yes, the low temperature of original extreme achievement, unexpectedly start a rally.
But when Teng green mountain double the feet fall in, finally just surprise ground affirmation-this is the bottom of bluish green cold pond.
"Yi?This cold pond bottom in the pond unexpectedly has fever?And still deliver purple light dizzy, oddness."The Teng green mountain is very shocked, he finally knows, why water in pond near the pond bottom, on the contrary heat of cause.That is the cause of this pond bottom unusual mineral stone.
Cautiously observe pond bottom on all sides.
Because can see scope, the foot contains 78 Zhang distances, Teng green mountain also very quick Bian pure bottom circumstance in the pond.
"This bluish green cold pond bottom in the pond, width probably more than ten Zhang, length ……have more than 20 Zhangs."The Teng green mountain carefully looking at a left side, because the whole bottom only left-hand cold pond mountain wall is to have a 23 Zhangs the passage of the long breadth, " originally, pond water in the cold pond, from this passage in flow through come of."
The Teng green mountain also discovers, is to close to a passage direction more, pond water adds more of iciness.
The pond bottom has no living creature, there is no plant, only one thing-geezer has fever of mineral stone.Bottom surface in the pond spreads to wear quite a few this kind of mineral stone indiscriminately.
"H'm."The Teng green mountain picks up a cake of, this kind of mineral stone has the weakest of purple only dizzy, in the cold pond bottom under the dark condition, can see this kind of purple light dizzy, estimate outside on daytime, estimate and then see not pure.
"The ability on the contrary has fever under this coldest condition.And the heat is still very high.Should be a general mineral stone.Take to return to, let the dad discriminate for a while."The Teng green mountain picks up two pieces of mineral stones of fist sizes and put into clothes chest inner part of big pocket inside, pocket also can be prosperous to put two pieces of mineral stones.
Immediately, Teng green mountain dynasty left side, this cold pond headwaters passage closes to pass by.

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