In water bottom passage, Teng green mountain sight can not Qi and place

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Can the Teng green mountain heart bottom, but feel a crisis ……
"The matter is abnormal to necessarily have a demon!This waits low temperature, water pressure, I body of acceptance ability, also quick arrive extreme limit.Also arrive pond bottom today, the target reaches and still keeps returning to first to show dad this mineral stone.Wait in the future there is an opportunity getting into this watering bottom passage again."The Teng green mountain right away decides returning to an outside.
In water bottom passage, Teng green mountain sight can not Qi and place.
The gold crumbs color eye pupil that has a pair of fists sizes unclearly stares at a Teng green mountain, it is apart from a Teng green mountain the foot contain ten few Zhangs, can obviously, this water bottom monster is under the thus dark circumstance, can see a pure Teng green mountain.
Silently have no voice interest of, this water bottom monster beginning dynasty the cold pond water bottom passage close to in the past, this water bottom monster move, unexpectedly didn't send out a ring.
Stand the Teng green mountain of that pond bottom, a throw have already cracked to open in the hand of big rock, the whole individual then and with an upward exposure the square start to float.
At this time-
Water bottom monster discovered Teng green mountain wanting to walk, the speed fiercely surges, as if a flash of lightning, rushed out that water bottom passage a while.
"What things!"
Thus violent action, just at up the Teng green mountain floating certainly discovered.He suddenly turns a head, this sees, the whole individual is surprised the heart is malicious malicious on having muscular spasms, the skin of heads are cracking open by explosion.
In the pond bottom unclearly under the purple light, once the Teng green mountain see clearly, this is a foot to have the water pail thick big boa!The scale of big boa whole body is intensive, be unclearly suffused with the light of purple red dizzy, but cold boa length in the pond temporarily can not make sure, but, only wear the boa body of one that water bottom entrance to cave to have much long six Zhangses for the foot.
Previous incarnation, the big boa in the rain forest, he didn't and never once kill.
Can the physical volume is like this is big, the torso is like this is thick, he has never seen.
And ……this big boa, still keep rushing out from the so icy cold district, affirmation contains its extraordinary place.
"Roar~~" imitates Buddha hurricane to strike emanative of that kind of is deep and low, let the roaring cry of person's heart palpitates.
Because this roars low, this bottom boa in the pond flees a while Teng green mountain this, open that big mouth, the water pail thick big boa opens of big mouth but foot have one Zhang breadth, the dynasty Teng green mountain swallows!

The war of chapter 39 person Mang
Have Gao Gao in the last inhospitality in this boa gold crumbs color eyes, probably, to this deep pond monster, kill a personal basically unworthy a lift.That big mouth that is full of gamey smell has already arrived a Teng green mountain at present.
"Mao~~" Teng green mountain vision is cold fierce, the right hand becomes Zhang knife, Gao Gao raises, big mouth face that to swallow, be a record to split Zhang!
The palm changes into an unreal image!
Hua!The water current is quick of be split to separate!
One Zhang that contains terrible strength, directly split at the skull of this deep pond boa up, send out to deep and lowly bump a shot voice.Teng green mountain the dint is big endless, the this Zhang bottom goes and also split of the deep pond boa not from of the head crash down, can only crash down one Zhang, this deep pond boa stopped crashing down again.
The deep pond boa sends out an uncanny roars voice and stare at above of mankind!
The Teng green mountain positive party in government flies to flee above!
"Monster!This is absolutely a monster, my one Zhang is a steel Dun the sons can slice open, can this boa skin unexpectedly some scars all have no.And only the head just a little descends to hang, unload me the dint of this Zhang, unimaginable."The Teng green mountain really knows oneself the boxing feet are many fearfulnesses.
Is positive because know, the Teng green mountain just adds the terror of feeling this boa more.
"And, this boa forehead still has a pimping and silvery point Cape,is this boa monster a flood dragon?"Teng green mountain at rapid with an upward exposure the square fly to flee at the same time, the heart bottom is very also shocked, is splitting a , that Zhang, the Teng green mountain just sees in deep boa skull in the pond, only have one Chinese foot Gao of silver Cape.

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