Morning exercise, field in the school on

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Return a dollar religion, no one ability the row 《Qian Long Bang 》 , as for 《ground placard 》 , also same have no.
A person's wanting at the same time row is these two placards.
Equal to say, 30 years old before, have to the row 《ground placard 》 !Too this condition Ke engraves, this population is too many, naturally the with talent and determinate person is a lot of, various Ge cloud the genius that can at last return a dollar religion, in the whole Yang state, than his natural endowments more get all to have, don't even say the whole nine stateses.
Can at the same time the row 《ground placard 》《Qian Long Bang 》 , that will gain considerable fame the whole nine stateses.
Morning exercise, field in the school on.
Just from hope Hong that Teng green mountain that got an order, stand at one camp person's in front horse, cold track:"100 man long Du Hong and Teng green tiger, you respectively choose one 10 people squad of paying in you's troops, tomorrow early in the morning, set out to go to Chu's county with me!"
According to getting generally of order, oneself wants to choose two 100 men to be long, the Du Hong is that the age is biggest to have experience, and this time, there is oneself therein, can also let cousin'green tiger'be toughenned.So, just choosing these two 100 men is long.
Du Hong and Teng green tiger 2 people the Gong body receive orders and immediately chose troops later on a pay 10 people squad.
"Unexpectedly just come back soon, all too late see recruit New appointee, will go out!"Although the Teng green mountain thinks so, can the heart bottom is expectation very much, the Chu county is in the whole Yang cantonally and most north, from the river rather the county want to arrive to Chu's county, rush through about 2,000 inside road, because want to escort goods, can go every day 200 inside, Be getting more fairly good.
"Green mountain brothers goes to Chu's county?"
The Du Hong and Teng green tiger comes over here, the low voice says.
"H'm, is help to transfer under guard goods, old Du, this road last in danger?"The Teng green mountain inquiry way.
"Invite us the black A soldier transfer under guard goods, all of that are the big businesses!The trouble isn't small.And from our river rather the county rush through into Chu's county, about 2,000 inside road, in the center still want after the most disorderly Xu Yang Jun!Avoiding to can not help is dangerous."The Du Hong knits the brows a way.
The Teng green mountain Yao sees northern.
Is dangerous?
The Teng green mountain can be not afraid of dangerous and arrive at this world, always at river rather inside the county, finally can make a living away from home well some kind of.
"This, can get very good-looking see superior's real strenght between worlds."Teng green mountain heart the middle treat, at return inside a dollar religion him not beat to kill, can in the outside, he is a leader.Break out real real strenght and those superiors to fight when the time comes, it aren't difficult to conceal nearby this several individuals.
"All prepare for a while, like a rest, tomorrow early in the morning, can set out, this back and forth adds, can get 4,000 inside road."The Teng green mountain order way.

Chapter 39 distant journey
The breeze in morning is very cool.
The Teng green mountain is leading troops more than 20 persons march forward on the road in the army camp, flank the various Ge cloud and various Ge is green and green rain 3 people is sending off.
"The elder brother , from here to Chu's county, has about 2,000 inside road, much more dangerous on the road, you must be careful!"Green rain at Teng green mountain body side, full in the eye is don't give up.
The Teng green mountain smiled to touch touch green rain head:"Light rain, don't you trust your elder brother?"
"My elder brother is the strongest."Green rain immediately on lifting chin, the self-confidence says.
The Teng green mountain in the mind is taking pleasure in making a living away from home well is some kind of, as for oneself's younger sister's light rain, lately, green rain had already joined to return a dollar religion.Have to admit the natural endowments of green rain is quite good, the strength Mi in the self-discipline book only seven day, then produce inside the body inside strength, although can not can do with some on that day inside vigorously of the genius compare, can after all green rain is 14 years old.
"Small cloud, green miss, I go out this time, my younger sister bothered you to look after."The Teng green mountain turns a head to see toward 2 people.
"This goes without saying, however you are in the outside, don't the gist, that Xu the sun county is the most disorderly county."Various Ge cloud also entrusts a way.

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