However ……

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The Teng green mountain is silent to nod.
Arriving at to return a dollar religion is so long, the Teng green mountain also has understand to the geography knowledge of this world.
Nine states are extensive vast, the son people's hundred million.
And the west in nine states, that is the ground of desert, occasionally have oasis, also have Western Regions many small country.
But in the north, would be vast steppe, go toward north again, is the North Sea.
In the east, it is the then it the most extensive East China Sea.
In nine south of the state, be called'south Huang''south pretty''wild', limitless southern Huang the poisoned snake fierce beasts is numerous, there can be treated as the area of forbiding of mankind!Because, there are too many endless endless dangers, even at the bewitching monster of some fearfulnesses.However is legendary ……many martials pursue Wu Dao and go to south Huang to carry on a bitterness to fix.At south Huang in, there are also the Mi book, and jewelry...etc. that many martial dyings leave behind.
However ……
Is the most prosperous and the richest, the superior is the most, the religious sect is the most of still keep being nine state the earths!
Those oversea islet, small country in Western Regions, basically can not with the superiors of nine state the earthses compare.
"The person living on the oversea group of islands, living poor."The exclamation way of Zhu Chong Shi, " drifts in oversea each island for few years, I didn't want to go out to sea again as well during a lifetime."
"Zhu Xiong, the driftage overseas, is for go into business?"The Teng green mountain asks a way.
"Go into business is reason, there is also reason, is that I wanted to travel all over the world everyplace since the childhood."The exclamation way of Zhu Chong Shi, " desert all countries in Western Regions, I am 20 years old to before once stroll, that is wild, be apart from our Yang state near, at Yang state south!In fact also the nothing important is various knoll mound etc., in great quantities don't know long how many years of big tree, there is also various snake poisonous insect fierce beasts, I at wild most the outer circle lingered more than a months, with some intrude into risky Wu Zhe communicated for a while and also had no again go in."
Zhu Chong Shi's wreath attends to surroundings, ha ha say with smile:"Making a living away from home is so long, stills our nine states the earths, the rich."
The Teng green mountain has to get acknowledgement!
He before anticipates too fine, the car brigade goes forward speed, more even slow than what he imagined!Although those truckses are to have horse to pull, can this of the road is all soil road.Small pit, pebble and clod what of, too many, this trucks goes forward speed, naturally very slow.
The person be presumed small to run, can catch up trucks speed.
A day, probably also go forward 120 insides or so.
All the way hardships, Teng green mountain they led two county boundaries in a row, at walk faster of the 11th day, Teng green mountain they finally get into Xu Yang Jun's boundary.
Hua Hua!
The previous color of the sky isn't so bad, can suddenly the strong breeze suddenly rise, the dark cloud spreads densely, the thunder bellows, close behind is a rain-storm!Heavy rain of the pouring sort, the car brigade letting to walk faster is misery.
"Well heavy of rain, the surroundings can have a place for taking shelter from rain good."The wry smile way of Zhu Chong Shi.
For a while, rain's this soil road becomes muddy, the car brigade goes forward speed certainly more slowly, and is hit on the body by this rain-storm, also uncomfortable.
Those black A soldier non-commissioned officers that are dressed in to weigh A, the raindrop hits on them, send out to vibrate to bump a shot voice.
"Green mountain."The Teng green tiger rides beside, " ha ha, let you wear heavy A, you don't wear and see, now drive drenching."The Teng green tiger waits a person whole body the set emphasize A, face and hand is dew at outside of, the neck inner part still has to protect Bo and at the right moment impedes rain water completely, can not drenching they.
The Teng green mountain smiles.
Black A soldier's horse includes a Teng green mountain totally 23 people, the others all are dressed in the whole set of heavy AN according to all of the order, only Teng green mountain, only wore inside A, protect a leg and protect arm, other didn't wear.To Teng green mountain ……this cold iron heavy AN only talk about to defendoof dint, afraid still cannot compare with own body!
And, if be dressed in complete set heavy A, that will influence vivid to wait in many ways.

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