City gate, march forward on the officer's way, the speed is just a little quick

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Through north door, the Teng green mountain has already seen a cartful car goods out of the northern door, suddenly on seeing a lot, only see of have eight cars.
"Light rain, you were several to send separately."The Teng green mountain entrusts a way.
"H'm."Green rain also sees a green tiger toward the Teng, " cousin, listen to my elder brother more on the road!Don't cause trouble."
"The green mountain is all all, I certainly must listen to."The Teng green tiger Hey Hey smiles.
The various Ge that beside hasn't been uttering a word is green, cannot help but saying:"Green mountain eldest brother, careful on the road!"
The Teng green mountain saw one eye and smiled to order.
But Teng the green tiger see a form, the mouth turn a head to see toward outside in the door.
"Walk, we go out!"Teng green mountain one makes next.
Troops two 100 men are long and two squad non-commissioned officers, all led long a war horse to come out front door.Etc. is come out, the Teng green mountain just sees clear and park here of put the trucks of goods to fully have ten cars, there are also two spacious wagons, around still come together No. about 100 person.All be dressed in to imitate Buddha snake a scale to similarly protect AN on the overwhelming majority Human body.
"Ha ha, this should be the Teng green mountain, the Tengs all governed!"A old with gray head comes forward to say "hello" a way.
The Teng green mountain point nods, Pie those about 100 escort, say with smile:"The rich number one in the world of your Zhu Jia escorted so more and saw background up, I the troops brotherses will also light loose."
"These is also some hands of master in my house, which peter ascend a black A soldier!"This is old to say with smile, " worthless old man Wu Tan!My house's master is over there!"
The Teng green mountain has been already seen, not a tall and big in stature man in the distance, after death follow two escort to walk to come over.
"The Tengs are all all!"That tall and big in stature man's direct arch hand says with smile, " I just came to river rather county several day, heard Tengs all all name!The black A soldier is the youngest, most the unlimited futures are all all!I am just thinking, want to see Tengs to all unify noodles, being getting more difficult is afraid.Can have never thought various uncle Ge to unexpectedly send Tengs this time all all come to protect this goods for me!Make me able to get to see Tengs all all in advance!In my heart is also pleased not from win!"
"This is Zhu Jiu Ye?"The Teng green mountain knows the other party identity.
Enrich the god of wealth of number one in the world'Zhu Tong'of ninth son-Zhu Chong Shi.
"Shout what nine Yes?Shouted me old without basis, the Tengs all could see me generally and called my[one] brothers to would be."Zhu Chong Shi says with a smile.
The Teng green mountain heart bottom is dark great, that god of wealth'Zhu Tong'education the son is also resourceful, the this Chong stone talks to smile to all let people like bathe valley spring breeze, the in the mind is at ease.The Teng green mountain dislikes to meet that kind of most from recognized Gao Ren Yi etc., the sons of Wan Mao that the other people shouted to drink.
Teng green mountain and Zhu Chong Shi confabulation, then the brothers fitted together.
Is very quick, the car brigade went forward.
City gate, march forward on the officer's way, the speed is just a little quick.
"Dad, I want to ride a horse!"
Just march forward soon, that wagon car window explore a little boy head, towarded Zhu Chong Shi who ride the horse to shout a way.
"Have not you learned, ridden what horse?Like and your Niang is foolish in the car."Zhu Chong Shi drinks a way.
That little boy vomited to stick out tongue, shrink into a car.
"Does Zhu Xiong drag along a house to take this time?"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised, inquire with Zhu Chong Shi whom he proceeds together, " arrives to Chu's county from this, all the way the danger can avoid to can not help, why not make the elder brother's wife and kid stay at old house."
"Green mountain brothers you haven't to know."Zhu Chong Shi says with smile, " I am to drag along a house to take this time, return from the overseas, difficult don't become to leave family in the overseas, certainly must come back together."
"Overseas?"The Teng green mountain is a bit shocked.
Zhu Chong Shi's point nods, didn't narrate in detail.

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