Near the bank, the lake breeze blows to kiss

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The Teng green mountain once passes bridle:"Old king, I made you look after very small 珺 miss last time, that young girl, now O.K.?"
"Small 珺 miss?"Fatty Wang shakes head a way, " gets adult generally, last time you just leave two, this small 珺 miss suddenly had a teacher!She says with me, she wants to follow her teacher ……face to walk of time, also make me hand over to you a letter.To, that small 珺 miss makes you don't want to report for she revenging, enemy, she and her teacher going to."
The Teng green mountain doubt knits the brows:"Teacher?"
"H'm."Fatty Wang nods, " is a women, see outward appearance about 3410 years old.But ……this woman, the look in the eyes frightens a person very much.She just sees my one eye, I carry on the back and then is all sweat behind, should be one most severe person.However that woman seem to be really to like to the small 珺 miss."
Teng green mountain very clear, small 珺 blood vessels are the impurities too many, can not revolve a method inside the strength heart, how can have teacher?
"The old king is also the day after tomorrow superior, can make the old king so frightened, the that woman estimate is a severe superior.Being able to accept the small 珺 is a Tu, estimate ability resourceful solution small 珺 blood vessels problem."The Teng green mountain also breath a sigh of relief, " old king, you go to and go fetch that letter, I stops for rest to have a lunch here."
Fatty Wang connects a way:"Get adult generally, you sit me that."Say, fatty Wang immediately orders a person to order food.
Near the bank, the lake breeze blows to kiss.
Eat a delicacies good dinner, looking at a woman with beautiful and moving performs in spending ship deck, really very good.
"Choose winter plum?"The Teng green mountain sits down to a short moment and listen to the surrounding person talk, also know today is stem what of, this is Wu An Jun city four years once of'chose winter plum', a taking part in is an all famous red card.The Teng green mountain thought at first brothel woman the dust of journey annoyed thick.
However these 10 compete winter plum, isn't only beautiful, but also all have respectively different qualities, talk about beautiful, qualities etc., the slightest unlike various Ge is green bad.
Piano chess calligraphy and painting etc., also each have been already exceled.
"Just the life isn't good, fall into dust of journey."The Teng green mountain looking at those women, not from inwardly shake head, on this chaotic, family background not good if still grow more beautifully, that more and miserably.
"H'm?"Teng green mountain not from turn a head.
The man that sees two blue vigorously pack is walked, one among those persons drink a way:"Behind that table in corner, you arrive that sits!This table, we the green lake island had.Still have you, you are this table, we the green lake island also had."The tone violent in action of these 2 people.
"Green lake island?No wonder that violent in action."Teng green mountain also suddenly.
In the Yang state, green lake island, that is the emperor!
"H'm, have never heard me to talk?"That green dress man once the facial expression sink and stare toward the Teng green mountain.
", The Teng gets generally, ha ha, where does the life not and mutually meet!"A laughter rings out, the Teng green mountain turns a head to see go, the youth and a purple Shan young girl that sees a silver white full-length gown shoulder to shoulder but walk, at after death, they follow five young men and women.
"Thou a life time friend!"Teng green mountain one eye recognizes out a person, is exactly a little green lake island island lord'thou a life time friend'.
"Little island lord."The Teng green mountain smiles a way.
"Iron any, back bottom."The thou a life time friend orders that green dress man, " this but return a dollar religion the unification get, Teng green mountain!Is second half year of just this year of in 《ground placard 》 , Teng's getting generally is a row 《ground placard 》 46th.The Teng gets generally, don't mind me and younger sister Shi, sit at you."
"Please."The Teng green mountain nods a way, at the same time heart bottom doubt.
《Ground placard 》 46th?

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