Don't realize mistake how long

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The Teng green mountain is one Zheng.
"Flame gun?"The Teng green mountain says with smile, " miss, this'flame gun'is what is the row again?"
Wen Xiao surprised way:"Does the Teng get not to know generally?《Ground placard 》 of the latest edition, say the marksmanship getting generally Teng as flame wild and violent, and the Teng gets you to also become famous in the flame mountain generally, on nine state the earths, many people call you BE'flame gun', there is description on that 《ground placard 》 , too."
The Teng green mountain is in distress situation.
'Flame gun'Teng green mountain?
World the severe superior is really to have title, such as'the blood month knife'Meng farmland, such as'thunder absolute being knife'Wu more, 'life and death knife'the Du is nine etc.s, majority of titles can reveal an of some this person messages.'Flame gun', marking clearly the Teng green mountain is to use a gun, and the marksmanship is fierce wild.
"The Teng gets generally, how, don't you still know?"Thou a life time friend the surprised Cha ask a way.
"I these days are in the outside, didn't°yet regression dollar religion, really not know."The Teng green mountain says.
"So that's why."The thou a life time friend nods.
At by this time, not a body in the distance grows fat of the silver hair the old smile a ground of Mi to attract attention, small run to come over.On running to come over tiny tiny one Gong body, say with smile:"Little island lord come, is not in advance either to notify worthless old man 1, let in advance very good preparation of old and useless person ……the little island lord wants to eat what, though order."
The thou a life time friend saw one eye this silver hair the old:", Is a Yu text owner.To, this year this flower ten beauties on board, have how many is a Yu text owner your ?"
Silver hair the old connect say with smile:"Have 7!Now come out come of this, named'dream cuckoo', but the miss of best my under charge.On the piano skill, scan widely the whole Wu An Jun's city, is all highest rank.And, is she still a Chu now.Want to be not, little island lord you ……"
"You back first bottom."Thou a life time friend facial expression a sink.
The silver hair the old saw one eye that purple Shan young girl and then and immediately backed bottom.
"What about senior, the top that dream cuckoo miss but beauty."The purple Shan young girl says.
"Younger sister Shi, you don't open senior fun."The thou a life time friend smiles.
The surroundings closely ascends 1000 people abrupt however explosion go out to sea the war whoop of whistling the sort, a visions all fall in spending seeing of ship deck weak white dress young girl body, this white the dress young girl embrace seven Xian Guqins of one noodles burnt leaf's type, just a little on owing a body, then sat down, put seven Xian pianos before body table.
And then sliced a joss-stick slice, sparked censer.
The white dress young girl shuts an eye to concentrate a short moment and just turns piano Xian.
"When!"The clear and crisp voice rings and streams into public to work properly, for an instant, around and completely pipe down.
"H'm?"The Teng green mountain surprise turns a head to see.
Once that voice ring, the Teng green mountain isn't one Zhan from the heart forbiding, the skin of head becomes numb and and then and then lets go of wine cup and concentrates to cautiously listen to this musical sound, musical sound repeatedly, rhythm clearly quick, good a lark at call, a voice streams into a public farmland and lets public feeling also greatly good.
Don't realize mistake how long.
Along with a response the piano Xian in noodles sky in the lake voice, this song finally ended.
"Very superb piano skill."The Teng green mountain looking at a that weak white dress young girl, he how can not imagine, can flick thus light and free joyful, even in influence the master of the musical sound of his mood, unexpectedly is a brothel woman.
"The piano skill of dream cuckoo miss, everyone also saw.Now, everyone can buy a flower to send miss to the dream cuckoo, 102 silvers in white, 1,002 silvers in a yellow, a red of 10,002 silvers!"The red dress women of a still retains a great deal of charm says with smile, " is ten beauties, till the last who get of flower, the silver adds at most, that be the winter plum!And, send to the person of winter plum, who the flower sending is the most expensive, will have an opportunity total degree with winter plum good night, even if the flower sent, rank the second third of, also have an opportunity to meet alone with winter plum."
Say, two little girls hold flower basket from walk to go ashore on board.

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