Is present person be mostly all frightenned up the No.1000

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At this time-
"My house's master buys back freedom for the dream cuckoo miss!"A Hun thick voice rings out.
Immediately and around ascend No.1000 the person all pipe down a while and stare at the person who talks, that is a Gao strengthens again again of skin dark big fellow, stand over there, good a stone carving.
"Buy back freedom?Master in your house, must the Shu rise?"Someone chuckles a way.
"Dream cuckoo miss, may be a winter plum very much this time, that is the exorbitant price."A common run of people or the merchant princes all see gamesome.
Be like this kind of toppest, be rated as'winter plum'the woman of sort, even if think a total degree for a night, have no several 1,002 silvers to all dream.The woman like this , in a brothel, is a money trees!And is also an important actors, this winter plum at, that this brothel position is also higher.
"Let your owner, report piece."The dark big fellow drinks a way.
Sees silver hair the old walk ascend flower ship deck, the clear voice says with smile:"Buy back freedom, also not can not!However, dream cuckoo miss, that is ten thousand medium none, we are also spend great price development to come out, if master in your house really wants to buy back freedom for her, one mouthful price, 10,002 golds!"
"10,002 golds?"
Is present person be mostly all frightenned up the No.1000.
10,002 golds, those are 1,000,002 silvers!This is a very terrible number, generally can have 100,002 silvers even if billionaire, can have 1,000,002 silvers, even if company in Ta-f.A brothel top woman, charge to attain all wealth to Ta-f company!
Frighten a person!
Although say this kind of winter plum, also wants several 1,002 silvers for a night, can since is a winter plum, is not likely to usually meet guest, keep mysterious.And the winter plum is also young to make money badly, wait old, don't go as well.Winter plum during a lifetime about also ability Zheng arrive 10,002 gold just about, this still wants someone to hold.
"10,002 golds."That purple Shan woman marvels a way, " those are 1,000 catties of golds, completely can cast a gold person of solid center."
Exorbitant price!
That dark big fellow turned round a soft-voiced company to measure for a while and then started a clear voice way:"10,002 golds!Master in my house!"
Person of No.1000 of surroundings surprised Be getting more foolish, those are crowded in the outer circle, all not qualified sit of the person add, can not also gather together so many, present must rise this price of, have no several people.
"."Once that silver hair old listen to, all Leng bottom, immediately respond to come over, connect a way, " this ……this master, dream cuckoo her sell the body a contract, is not here.Want to be not, you slightly etc., I immediately take."He also basically has never thoughts and chooses winter plum, will someone buy back freedom.
"Sell the body a contract, you return to tore then."The moderate voice rings out, " iron pagoda gives them the gold ticket, dream cuckoo the miss take to come over."
"BE, master."Once this iron pagoda big fellow jump, then there are far few Zhangses, directly ascended flower ship.
"Dream cuckoo miss, please."The iron pagoda big fellow also passes the gold ticket to a silver to deliver the old.
The silver delivers once the old see one gold ticket of folding, totally ten, each one is 1,002 gold face values, that hot gold big word, let he the heart first time have fever.
"That sells the body a contract, do I return to tore?"This silver hair old is some to dare not believe, if he returns to not to tore, completely can pass authorities again come back from making dream cuckoo.
"Nobody dares to be greedy for the gold ticket of master in my house."The iron pagoda big fellow saw one eye silver hair the old.The silver delivers the old heart the bottom is one Zhan, the ability must rise 10,002 in order to purchase a chemisette, person like this, he perhaps still really gives offense to not to rise.
The dream cuckoo feels burnt leaf type Guqin, descended together with that dark big fellow flower ship.
"Master."The dream cuckoo walks over there, Gong body way.
That master finally started, this was a tiny fat skin white 晢 man, whole body purple full-length gown, seeing his facial appearance can still judge some time light should be very handsome and talented, this tiny fat man orders:"Since today, you heel I!"
"BE, master."The dream cuckoo is also again quiet, brush past one in the eye silk pleased.

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