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  • Terraria Server Datum14.04.2012 15:04
    Foren-Beitrag von Kater Strophe im Thema Terraria Server

    Server ist offline?

  • Server fragenDatum04.09.2011 10:47
    Foren-Beitrag von Kater Strophe im Thema Server fragen

    Ich denke deine Frage wurde hier schon beantwortet. Vieleicht solltest du das der Community hier auch mitteilen.

    Kater Strophe

  • So, ich stell mich auch mal vorDatum14.08.2011 15:04

    Hallo :)

  • Hallo an alle :)Datum13.08.2011 19:23
    Foren-Beitrag von Kater Strophe im Thema Hallo an alle :)

    Ein freundliches "HALLO" auch von mir... :)

    Greetz, Kater

  • Terraria 1.0.6 ChangelogDatum09.08.2011 19:24
    Thema von Kater Strophe im Forum Terraria Neuigkeiten




    New Enemy : Spike Ball (An Immortal Enemy.)
    New Enemy : Blazing Wheel (An Immortal Enemy.)
    New Enemy : Dungeon Slime (Contains Golden Keys)
    New Enemy : Goblin Scout
    Hornets in the Underground Jungle now shoot stingers. These stingers have a 1 in 3 chance of poisoning their target for 10 seconds.
    EoW is no longer “defeated” when he flees.
    Cursed Skulls now now have a chance to apply the Cursed debuff.
    Npcs that are far from home and try to turn to return home will no longer twitch left and right when stuck.
    Bats, Harpy and Demon AI has been improved to prevent wall hugging.
    Slimes when in water will now turn around when they have no where to go.
    Man Eaters and Snatchers now have less HP, and are drawn above tiles rather than behind.
    Lava Slimes no longer spawn lava when killed.
    Meteor Heads now move much slower but do a lot more damage.
    Bone Serpents now have a new death sound, and their hit-box has been fixed.
    Hornets are correctly now unable to enter water.
    Vultures should no longer ‘float’ if the sand they are perched on falls from beneath them.
    NPC’s furniture requirements have changed to work with new items.NPCs now requires one “comfort object” (Chair, Throne, Bench, Bed, Toilet) and one “flat surface furniture” (Table, Dresser, Workbench, Tub, Bookcase) for a room to be complete before they will make it their home.


    New Item : Shadow Key
    New Item : Golden Key
    New Item : Shadow Chest (These require the Shadow Key)
    New Item : Obsidian Background Walls
    New item : Mud Background Walls
    New Item : Jungle Spore (Replaces Jungle roses former crafting uses.)
    New Item : Tattered Cloth
    New Item : Battle Standard (Allows for manual starting of the Goblin Invasion)
    New Item : Piano
    New Item : Loom (Crafting Station, Now required for crafting most clothes from silk.)
    New Item : Bench
    New item : Dresser
    New Item : Bathtub
    New Item : Red Banner
    New Item : Green Banner
    New Item : Blue Banner
    New Item : Yellow Banner
    New Item : Lamp Post
    New Item : Tiki Torch
    New Item : Barrel
    New Item : Chinese Lantern
    New Item : Cooking Pot
    New Item : Safe (A separate private storage from the Piggy Bank.)
    New Item : Skull Lantern
    New Item : Trash Can
    New Item : Candelabra
    New Item : Pink Jar
    New Item : Mug
    New Item : Beer Keg
    New Item : Beer
    New Item : Bookcase
    New Item : Throne
    New Item : Bowl
    New Item : Bowl of Soup
    New Item : Toilet
    New Item : Grandfather Clock
    New Item : Statue
    Wooden Tables, Doors and Workbenches now have improved looking graphics.
    Jungle Rose is now a rarer drop and no longer used to craft.
    Bottled water can no longer be crafted by standing near lava.
    Suspicious Looking Eyes will now sometimes be found in chests.
    Several Magic items have been rebalanced.
    Fire of Flower now does more damage, and costs more mana.
    Flamelash, Sunfury, and Flower of Fire are no longer dropped, they are now found in shadow chests in the underworld.
    Band of Star Power now adds 20 mana to your maximum, and no longer adds mana regeneration.
    Orb of Light now moves slower and is now listed as a buff that you can remove if you so desire and also know its remaining duration.
    Magic missile is now quicker and is ‘launched’ when you release the mouse button, rather than disappearing.
    Flamelash is ‘launched’ when you release the mouse button, rather than disappearing.
    Meteor Armor and Molten Armors no longer glow.
    Grappling Hooks can no longer be spam shot, you must now wait until your previous shot lands or returns before you can throw another.
    Starfury now does a bit more damage, requires more mana, and now works underground. If a star is spawned inside a wall, it will be able to travel until it reaches open space and then becomes ‘solid’ colliding with the next wall it hits.
    Glow sticks price reduced. And are now a bit brighter.
    Coins now leave a sparkle trail while moving.
    Night Owl Potion now works correctly.
    Two of the same type of accessories may no longer be equipped at once.
    Armors are now more ‘Class Type’ specific and their stats have been set accordingly.
    Meteor Armor - Buffs Magic Damage and Set Bonus : Space Gun 0 Mana Cost.
    Molten Armor - Set Bonus : Melee Damage
    Shadow Armor - Buffs Melee Attack Speed and Set Bonus : Movement Speed.
    Necro Armor - Buffs ranged damage and Set Bonus : Reduces Ammo Consumption.
    Jungle Armor - Buffs Max Mana, Magic Crit Chance and Set Bonus : Reduced Mana Usage
    Potions now offer less HP on use, and their cool-down is now a minute.
    Placing background walls is more simple, as 1 block holes are automatically filled in.
    ALL placed background walls are now considered ‘house walls’. (Yes even Dirt and Dungeon walls.)
    The Mini-shark now has a 33% chance that shooting the weapon will not take ammo. So it does not consume as much ammo to use.
    Flintlock Pistols and Muskets are now a bit stronger.
    Flails now have a different mechanic. You can ‘spin’ them by pressing left and right fast over and over after they have been thrown while holding down the mouse button.
    Piggy Banks should no longer float when the ground beneath the table it is on is removed from beneath them.
    Fish Bowl’s recipe has been changed to require Bottled Water, rather than just an empty Bottle.
    Ash and Mud no longer fall due to gravity.

    Server and Clients

    The IP screen now shows the seven most previous IP’s you’ve joined, to allow you to quick connect to your favorite or commonly played servers.
    Improved Server Syncing

    Game Interface

    There is now an option to disable pickup text.
    When creating a character, there is now an option for ‘Male/Female’, this is used to change the characters voice. This way, any hairstyle can be used for either gender.
    When choosing your hairstyle, you may now right click to cycle through the hair selections backwards.
    New Hot-key for grappling hooks. (Defaults to E)
    Hot-bar Slots now show their Hot-key number.
    The Mana Bar is now Blue, and text for gaining health is now green.
    Interface Boxes are now colored differently. Inventory is Blue, Equip is Green, Craft is Purple.
    Hot-keys for Mana and Healing Potions now work correctly with Rejuvenation potions.
    Some tool-tips now have more specific details about item uses.
    Right clicking on an accessory or a piece of armor in your inventory will auto-equip it.
    Newly obtained items will now be placed starting in the bottom right of your inventory rather than the previous top left.
    There is now a Trash Can slot in the inventory. Placing an item here will destroy it. However the item will be saved in memory until another item is destroyed, allowing you to retrieve it if you wish. Holding Shift and Clicking and Item will move it to your trashcan.
    When at a chest or piggy bank, there is now an option to loot all. This will take all items inside the chest/bank if there is room, If not it will take all items starting from top left.There is also a Quick Stack option for the reverse effect. If the chest you are viewing has items stored in it that you are also carrying, this option will stack those items into the chest combining stored and carried stacks.
    When at a chest or piggy bank, there is now an option to Deposit all. This will take all items not in your hot bars and starting from the bottom right slot, place each item that will fit into the chest or bank. It will stop when space runs out.
    It is no longer possible to drop items through the spaces between boxes in the inventory
    Some Tools now give you an idea in their tool-tip of what they can mine. Example - “Can mine Meteorite”.
    There are now four ammo slots. Ammo may be placed here to de-clutter your inventory. Weapons will take ammo from these slots first, and will then take from any in the inventory after they are empty.
    Hot-Bar slots that have a ranged weapon on them will show the current used ammo count on them.
    There is now a toggle in your inventory, that when clicked, will LOCK your hot-bar and not allow you to change your currently used hot-bar item by clicking it with the mouse, only the 1 - 9 hot -keys and mouse-wheel will scroll them at that point.
    Hotkeys can now be used to change selected item when the inventory is open.
    Shops now sell items back to you. Holding Shift and Clicking and Item while at a shop will quick-sell it.
    You can now quickly clear and cancel your chat message by hitting escape.
    ‘Misc’ in Character Creation color selection, has been renamed “Shoes”.


    New Feature : Critical Hits. There is now a small chance you will do more damage to an enemy
    New Feature : Damage Types. Damage is now separated into Melee, Ranged and Magic damages. These will be used going forward for a few different systems, such as buffs, de-buffs. Items will list what kind of damage they do in their tool-tip so you know what will be effected by what buff.
    New Music : Corruption.
    Added 19 new hairstyles.
    There are now 3 difficulty modes that are set when creating a character.
    Softcore - Drop coins on death, keep max hp and mana values.
    Mediumcore - Drop all items on death, keep max hp and mana values.
    Hardcore - Drops all Items and deletes your character on death, requiring you to start a new character. On death you will become a ghost that can not interact with the world until you log out.
    Players now heal automatically when ‘not in combat’. You are flagged as in combat when you are damaged by anything. The longer you have spent after getting hurt will increase your hp regen speed slightly.
    Mana now recharges on its own when you are not casting. Slowly if you are moving, and fast if you stand still.
    Hellstone no longer produces light and is more rare.
    Hellstone now spawns lava when it is mined, but only in the underworld.
    Cacti no longer cause knock-back making running through a desert less of a hassle.
    Cacti no longer destroy blocks as they grow.
    Some sounds have a randomizing pitch change (like sword swinging), to make them have more variance.
    Optimized “Finding Tile Frames”, so worlds should load faster
    There are new sounds for the following actions/events
    Talking to an NPC
    Mana Becoming Full (also shows a purple sparkle on player)
    Using Water Bolt, Flamelash, and Flower of Fire
    Starting to Drown.
    Melee speed increase items are now calculated correctly.
    Thorns are now destroyed after you touch them and receive damage.
    Corrected some spelling errors and also the placement of ‘%’ in some potion tool-tips.
    Added a bunch of new randomized game subtitle captions.

    World Gen

    More Gems spawn in the jungle.
    Hell Houses now spawn differently. A worlds Hell Houses can rarely spawn as all obsidian, and they can now get really tall.
    Underground Jungles now have a Mud Background
    Dungeons should no longer spawn in the ocean.
    Deserts now spawn slightly further away from spawn.
    Dungeons now spawn with more spikes and less lighting.
    Underworld Ash is now filled with more lava pockets, making mining Hellstone more of a challenge.
    Some items no longer spawn in Dungeon, these were meant for non-dungeon areas.

    Quelle: http://terrariaonline.de/index.php?page=...14330#post14330

    Greetz, Kater

  • Terraria 1.0.6Datum09.08.2011 17:38
    Thema von Kater Strophe im Forum Terraria Neuigkeiten

    Heute Abend erscheint endlich das langersehnte Update. *Freu*

    Quelle: http://terrariaonline.de/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=1339

  • Meteoritenköpfe ohne MeteoritDatum05.08.2011 12:58

    Vieleicht ist der Meteor auch ins Meer gefallen (kein Witz). Letztendlich wird das Rätsel vermutlich ungelöst bleiben.

    greetz, Kater

  • Hallo zusammen...Datum05.08.2011 12:55
    Foren-Beitrag von Kater Strophe im Thema Hallo zusammen...

    Bin leider etwas enttäuscht von der Community hier. Immerhin hat es mal schlappe zweieinhalb Tage gedauert bis ich wahrgenommen wurde. ;) Aber mal sehen.

    Danke für die herzliche Begrüßung, Kater

  • Meteoritenköpfe ohne MeteoritDatum02.08.2011 23:20

    Eigentlich ist es relativ ausgeschlossen, dass Meteor-Heads ohne einen Meteor spawnen. Da du dich in der Nähe des Dungeons befunden hast würde ich vermuten, dass es Cursed-Skulls waren. Naja, oder eben ein Bug, welcher Art auch immer.

    Unter der Erde spawnen Meteore im Übrigen nicht.

    Greetz, Kater Strophe

  • Hallo zusammen...Datum02.08.2011 21:44
    Thema von Kater Strophe im Forum Vorstellung


    Ich bin der Stefan und komme aus dem schönen NRW. Spiele schon etwas länger Terraria und habe kürzlich dieses Forum hier entdeckt.

    Ich hoffe dass wir viel Spaß miteinander haben werden.

    Greetz, Kater Strophe

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