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    At this time-
    "My house's master buys back freedom for the dream cuckoo miss!"A Hun thick voice rings out.
    Immediately and around ascend No.1000 the person all pipe down a while and stare at the person who talks, that is a Gao strengthens again again of skin dark big fellow, stand over there, good a stone carving.
    "Buy back freedom?Master in your house, must the Shu rise?"Someone chuckles a way.
    "Dream cuckoo miss, may be a winter plum very much this time, that is the exorbitant price."A common run of people or the merchant princes all see gamesome.
    Be like this kind of toppest, be rated as'winter plum'the woman of sort, even if think a total degree for a night, have no several 1,002 silvers to all dream.The woman like this , in a brothel, is a money trees!And is also an important actors, this winter plum at, that this brothel position is also higher.
    "Let your owner, report piece."The dark big fellow drinks a way.
    Sees silver hair the old walk ascend flower ship deck, the clear voice says with smile:"Buy back freedom, also not can not!However, dream cuckoo miss, that is ten thousand medium none, we are also spend great price development to come out, if master in your house really wants to buy back freedom for her, one mouthful price, 10,002 golds!"
    "10,002 golds?"
    Is present person be mostly all frightenned up the No.1000.
    10,002 golds, those are 1,000,002 silvers!This is a very terrible number, generally can have 100,002 silvers even if billionaire, can have 1,000,002 silvers, even if company in Ta-f.A brothel top woman, charge to attain all wealth to Ta-f company!
    Frighten a person!
    Although say this kind of winter plum, also wants several 1,002 silvers for a night, can since is a winter plum, is not likely to usually meet guest, keep mysterious.And the winter plum is also young to make money badly, wait old, don't go as well.Winter plum during a lifetime about also ability Zheng arrive 10,002 gold just about, this still wants someone to hold.
    "10,002 golds."That purple Shan woman marvels a way, " those are 1,000 catties of golds, completely can cast a gold person of solid center."
    Exorbitant price!
    That dark big fellow turned round a soft-voiced company to measure for a while and then started a clear voice way:"10,002 golds!Master in my house!"
    Person of No.1000 of surroundings surprised Be getting more foolish, those are crowded in the outer circle, all not qualified sit of the person add, can not also gather together so many, present must rise this price of, have no several people.
    "."Once that silver hair old listen to, all Leng bottom, immediately respond to come over, connect a way, " this ……this master, dream cuckoo her sell the body a contract, is not here.Want to be not, you slightly etc., I immediately take."He also basically has never thoughts and chooses winter plum, will someone buy back freedom.
    "Sell the body a contract, you return to tore then."The moderate voice rings out, " iron pagoda gives them the gold ticket, dream cuckoo the miss take to come over."
    "BE, master."Once this iron pagoda big fellow jump, then there are far few Zhangses, directly ascended flower ship.
    "Dream cuckoo miss, please."The iron pagoda big fellow also passes the gold ticket to a silver to deliver the old.
    The silver delivers once the old see one gold ticket of folding, totally ten, each one is 1,002 gold face values, that hot gold big word, let he the heart first time have fever.
    "That sells the body a contract, do I return to tore?"This silver hair old is some to dare not believe, if he returns to not to tore, completely can pass authorities again come back from making dream cuckoo.
    "Nobody dares to be greedy for the gold ticket of master in my house."The iron pagoda big fellow saw one eye silver hair the old.The silver delivers the old heart the bottom is one Zhan, the ability must rise 10,002 in order to purchase a chemisette, person like this, he perhaps still really gives offense to not to rise.
    The dream cuckoo feels burnt leaf type Guqin, descended together with that dark big fellow flower ship.
    "Master."The dream cuckoo walks over there, Gong body way.
    That master finally started, this was a tiny fat skin white 晢 man, whole body purple full-length gown, seeing his facial appearance can still judge some time light should be very handsome and talented, this tiny fat man orders:"Since today, you heel I!"
    "BE, master."The dream cuckoo is also again quiet, brush past one in the eye silk pleased.

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    The Teng green mountain is one Zheng.
    "Flame gun?"The Teng green mountain says with smile, " miss, this'flame gun'is what is the row again?"
    Wen Xiao surprised way:"Does the Teng get not to know generally?《Ground placard 》 of the latest edition, say the marksmanship getting generally Teng as flame wild and violent, and the Teng gets you to also become famous in the flame mountain generally, on nine state the earths, many people call you BE'flame gun', there is description on that 《ground placard 》 , too."
    The Teng green mountain is in distress situation.
    'Flame gun'Teng green mountain?
    World the severe superior is really to have title, such as'the blood month knife'Meng farmland, such as'thunder absolute being knife'Wu more, 'life and death knife'the Du is nine etc.s, majority of titles can reveal an of some this person messages.'Flame gun', marking clearly the Teng green mountain is to use a gun, and the marksmanship is fierce wild.
    "The Teng gets generally, how, don't you still know?"Thou a life time friend the surprised Cha ask a way.
    "I these days are in the outside, didn't°yet regression dollar religion, really not know."The Teng green mountain says.
    "So that's why."The thou a life time friend nods.
    At by this time, not a body in the distance grows fat of the silver hair the old smile a ground of Mi to attract attention, small run to come over.On running to come over tiny tiny one Gong body, say with smile:"Little island lord come, is not in advance either to notify worthless old man 1, let in advance very good preparation of old and useless person ……the little island lord wants to eat what, though order."
    The thou a life time friend saw one eye this silver hair the old:", Is a Yu text owner.To, this year this flower ten beauties on board, have how many is a Yu text owner your ?"
    Silver hair the old connect say with smile:"Have 7!Now come out come of this, named'dream cuckoo', but the miss of best my under charge.On the piano skill, scan widely the whole Wu An Jun's city, is all highest rank.And, is she still a Chu now.Want to be not, little island lord you ……"
    "You back first bottom."Thou a life time friend facial expression a sink.
    The silver hair the old saw one eye that purple Shan young girl and then and immediately backed bottom.
    "What about senior, the top that dream cuckoo miss but beauty."The purple Shan young girl says.
    "Younger sister Shi, you don't open senior fun."The thou a life time friend smiles.
    The surroundings closely ascends 1000 people abrupt however explosion go out to sea the war whoop of whistling the sort, a visions all fall in spending seeing of ship deck weak white dress young girl body, this white the dress young girl embrace seven Xian Guqins of one noodles burnt leaf's type, just a little on owing a body, then sat down, put seven Xian pianos before body table.
    And then sliced a joss-stick slice, sparked censer.
    The white dress young girl shuts an eye to concentrate a short moment and just turns piano Xian.
    "When!"The clear and crisp voice rings and streams into public to work properly, for an instant, around and completely pipe down.
    "H'm?"The Teng green mountain surprise turns a head to see.
    Once that voice ring, the Teng green mountain isn't one Zhan from the heart forbiding, the skin of head becomes numb and and then and then lets go of wine cup and concentrates to cautiously listen to this musical sound, musical sound repeatedly, rhythm clearly quick, good a lark at call, a voice streams into a public farmland and lets public feeling also greatly good.
    Don't realize mistake how long.
    Along with a response the piano Xian in noodles sky in the lake voice, this song finally ended.
    "Very superb piano skill."The Teng green mountain looking at a that weak white dress young girl, he how can not imagine, can flick thus light and free joyful, even in influence the master of the musical sound of his mood, unexpectedly is a brothel woman.
    "The piano skill of dream cuckoo miss, everyone also saw.Now, everyone can buy a flower to send miss to the dream cuckoo, 102 silvers in white, 1,002 silvers in a yellow, a red of 10,002 silvers!"The red dress women of a still retains a great deal of charm says with smile, " is ten beauties, till the last who get of flower, the silver adds at most, that be the winter plum!And, send to the person of winter plum, who the flower sending is the most expensive, will have an opportunity total degree with winter plum good night, even if the flower sent, rank the second third of, also have an opportunity to meet alone with winter plum."
    Say, two little girls hold flower basket from walk to go ashore on board.

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    The Teng green mountain once passes bridle:"Old king, I made you look after very small 珺 miss last time, that young girl, now O.K.?"
    "Small 珺 miss?"Fatty Wang shakes head a way, " gets adult generally, last time you just leave two, this small 珺 miss suddenly had a teacher!She says with me, she wants to follow her teacher ……face to walk of time, also make me hand over to you a letter.To, that small 珺 miss makes you don't want to report for she revenging, enemy, she and her teacher going to."
    The Teng green mountain doubt knits the brows:"Teacher?"
    "H'm."Fatty Wang nods, " is a women, see outward appearance about 3410 years old.But ……this woman, the look in the eyes frightens a person very much.She just sees my one eye, I carry on the back and then is all sweat behind, should be one most severe person.However that woman seem to be really to like to the small 珺 miss."
    Teng green mountain very clear, small 珺 blood vessels are the impurities too many, can not revolve a method inside the strength heart, how can have teacher?
    "The old king is also the day after tomorrow superior, can make the old king so frightened, the that woman estimate is a severe superior.Being able to accept the small 珺 is a Tu, estimate ability resourceful solution small 珺 blood vessels problem."The Teng green mountain also breath a sigh of relief, " old king, you go to and go fetch that letter, I stops for rest to have a lunch here."
    Fatty Wang connects a way:"Get adult generally, you sit me that."Say, fatty Wang immediately orders a person to order food.
    Near the bank, the lake breeze blows to kiss.
    Eat a delicacies good dinner, looking at a woman with beautiful and moving performs in spending ship deck, really very good.
    "Choose winter plum?"The Teng green mountain sits down to a short moment and listen to the surrounding person talk, also know today is stem what of, this is Wu An Jun city four years once of'chose winter plum', a taking part in is an all famous red card.The Teng green mountain thought at first brothel woman the dust of journey annoyed thick.
    However these 10 compete winter plum, isn't only beautiful, but also all have respectively different qualities, talk about beautiful, qualities etc., the slightest unlike various Ge is green bad.
    Piano chess calligraphy and painting etc., also each have been already exceled.
    "Just the life isn't good, fall into dust of journey."The Teng green mountain looking at those women, not from inwardly shake head, on this chaotic, family background not good if still grow more beautifully, that more and miserably.
    "H'm?"Teng green mountain not from turn a head.
    The man that sees two blue vigorously pack is walked, one among those persons drink a way:"Behind that table in corner, you arrive that sits!This table, we the green lake island had.Still have you, you are this table, we the green lake island also had."The tone violent in action of these 2 people.
    "Green lake island?No wonder that violent in action."Teng green mountain also suddenly.
    In the Yang state, green lake island, that is the emperor!
    "H'm, have never heard me to talk?"That green dress man once the facial expression sink and stare toward the Teng green mountain.
    ", The Teng gets generally, ha ha, where does the life not and mutually meet!"A laughter rings out, the Teng green mountain turns a head to see go, the youth and a purple Shan young girl that sees a silver white full-length gown shoulder to shoulder but walk, at after death, they follow five young men and women.
    "Thou a life time friend!"Teng green mountain one eye recognizes out a person, is exactly a little green lake island island lord'thou a life time friend'.
    "Little island lord."The Teng green mountain smiles a way.
    "Iron any, back bottom."The thou a life time friend orders that green dress man, " this but return a dollar religion the unification get, Teng green mountain!Is second half year of just this year of in 《ground placard 》 , Teng's getting generally is a row 《ground placard 》 46th.The Teng gets generally, don't mind me and younger sister Shi, sit at you."
    "Please."The Teng green mountain nods a way, at the same time heart bottom doubt.
    《Ground placard 》 46th?

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    The Teng green mountain is silent to nod.
    Arriving at to return a dollar religion is so long, the Teng green mountain also has understand to the geography knowledge of this world.
    Nine states are extensive vast, the son people's hundred million.
    And the west in nine states, that is the ground of desert, occasionally have oasis, also have Western Regions many small country.
    But in the north, would be vast steppe, go toward north again, is the North Sea.
    In the east, it is the then it the most extensive East China Sea.
    In nine south of the state, be called'south Huang''south pretty''wild', limitless southern Huang the poisoned snake fierce beasts is numerous, there can be treated as the area of forbiding of mankind!Because, there are too many endless endless dangers, even at the bewitching monster of some fearfulnesses.However is legendary ……many martials pursue Wu Dao and go to south Huang to carry on a bitterness to fix.At south Huang in, there are also the Mi book, and jewelry...etc. that many martial dyings leave behind.
    However ……
    Is the most prosperous and the richest, the superior is the most, the religious sect is the most of still keep being nine state the earths!
    Those oversea islet, small country in Western Regions, basically can not with the superiors of nine state the earthses compare.
    "The person living on the oversea group of islands, living poor."The exclamation way of Zhu Chong Shi, " drifts in oversea each island for few years, I didn't want to go out to sea again as well during a lifetime."
    "Zhu Xiong, the driftage overseas, is for go into business?"The Teng green mountain asks a way.
    "Go into business is reason, there is also reason, is that I wanted to travel all over the world everyplace since the childhood."The exclamation way of Zhu Chong Shi, " desert all countries in Western Regions, I am 20 years old to before once stroll, that is wild, be apart from our Yang state near, at Yang state south!In fact also the nothing important is various knoll mound etc., in great quantities don't know long how many years of big tree, there is also various snake poisonous insect fierce beasts, I at wild most the outer circle lingered more than a months, with some intrude into risky Wu Zhe communicated for a while and also had no again go in."
    Zhu Chong Shi's wreath attends to surroundings, ha ha say with smile:"Making a living away from home is so long, stills our nine states the earths, the rich."
    The Teng green mountain has to get acknowledgement!
    He before anticipates too fine, the car brigade goes forward speed, more even slow than what he imagined!Although those truckses are to have horse to pull, can this of the road is all soil road.Small pit, pebble and clod what of, too many, this trucks goes forward speed, naturally very slow.
    The person be presumed small to run, can catch up trucks speed.
    A day, probably also go forward 120 insides or so.
    All the way hardships, Teng green mountain they led two county boundaries in a row, at walk faster of the 11th day, Teng green mountain they finally get into Xu Yang Jun's boundary.
    Hua Hua!
    The previous color of the sky isn't so bad, can suddenly the strong breeze suddenly rise, the dark cloud spreads densely, the thunder bellows, close behind is a rain-storm!Heavy rain of the pouring sort, the car brigade letting to walk faster is misery.
    "Well heavy of rain, the surroundings can have a place for taking shelter from rain good."The wry smile way of Zhu Chong Shi.
    For a while, rain's this soil road becomes muddy, the car brigade goes forward speed certainly more slowly, and is hit on the body by this rain-storm, also uncomfortable.
    Those black A soldier non-commissioned officers that are dressed in to weigh A, the raindrop hits on them, send out to vibrate to bump a shot voice.
    "Green mountain."The Teng green tiger rides beside, " ha ha, let you wear heavy A, you don't wear and see, now drive drenching."The Teng green tiger waits a person whole body the set emphasize A, face and hand is dew at outside of, the neck inner part still has to protect Bo and at the right moment impedes rain water completely, can not drenching they.
    The Teng green mountain smiles.
    Black A soldier's horse includes a Teng green mountain totally 23 people, the others all are dressed in the whole set of heavy AN according to all of the order, only Teng green mountain, only wore inside A, protect a leg and protect arm, other didn't wear.To Teng green mountain ……this cold iron heavy AN only talk about to defendoof dint, afraid still cannot compare with own body!
    And, if be dressed in complete set heavy A, that will influence vivid to wait in many ways.

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    Through north door, the Teng green mountain has already seen a cartful car goods out of the northern door, suddenly on seeing a lot, only see of have eight cars.
    "Light rain, you were several to send separately."The Teng green mountain entrusts a way.
    "H'm."Green rain also sees a green tiger toward the Teng, " cousin, listen to my elder brother more on the road!Don't cause trouble."
    "The green mountain is all all, I certainly must listen to."The Teng green tiger Hey Hey smiles.
    The various Ge that beside hasn't been uttering a word is green, cannot help but saying:"Green mountain eldest brother, careful on the road!"
    The Teng green mountain saw one eye and smiled to order.
    But Teng the green tiger see a form, the mouth turn a head to see toward outside in the door.
    "Walk, we go out!"Teng green mountain one makes next.
    Troops two 100 men are long and two squad non-commissioned officers, all led long a war horse to come out front door.Etc. is come out, the Teng green mountain just sees clear and park here of put the trucks of goods to fully have ten cars, there are also two spacious wagons, around still come together No. about 100 person.All be dressed in to imitate Buddha snake a scale to similarly protect AN on the overwhelming majority Human body.
    "Ha ha, this should be the Teng green mountain, the Tengs all governed!"A old with gray head comes forward to say "hello" a way.
    The Teng green mountain point nods, Pie those about 100 escort, say with smile:"The rich number one in the world of your Zhu Jia escorted so more and saw background up, I the troops brotherses will also light loose."
    "These is also some hands of master in my house, which peter ascend a black A soldier!"This is old to say with smile, " worthless old man Wu Tan!My house's master is over there!"
    The Teng green mountain has been already seen, not a tall and big in stature man in the distance, after death follow two escort to walk to come over.
    "The Tengs are all all!"That tall and big in stature man's direct arch hand says with smile, " I just came to river rather county several day, heard Tengs all all name!The black A soldier is the youngest, most the unlimited futures are all all!I am just thinking, want to see Tengs to all unify noodles, being getting more difficult is afraid.Can have never thought various uncle Ge to unexpectedly send Tengs this time all all come to protect this goods for me!Make me able to get to see Tengs all all in advance!In my heart is also pleased not from win!"
    "This is Zhu Jiu Ye?"The Teng green mountain knows the other party identity.
    Enrich the god of wealth of number one in the world'Zhu Tong'of ninth son-Zhu Chong Shi.
    "Shout what nine Yes?Shouted me old without basis, the Tengs all could see me generally and called my[one] brothers to would be."Zhu Chong Shi says with a smile.
    The Teng green mountain heart bottom is dark great, that god of wealth'Zhu Tong'education the son is also resourceful, the this Chong stone talks to smile to all let people like bathe valley spring breeze, the in the mind is at ease.The Teng green mountain dislikes to meet that kind of most from recognized Gao Ren Yi etc., the sons of Wan Mao that the other people shouted to drink.
    Teng green mountain and Zhu Chong Shi confabulation, then the brothers fitted together.
    Is very quick, the car brigade went forward.
    City gate, march forward on the officer's way, the speed is just a little quick.
    "Dad, I want to ride a horse!"
    Just march forward soon, that wagon car window explore a little boy head, towarded Zhu Chong Shi who ride the horse to shout a way.
    "Have not you learned, ridden what horse?Like and your Niang is foolish in the car."Zhu Chong Shi drinks a way.
    That little boy vomited to stick out tongue, shrink into a car.
    "Does Zhu Xiong drag along a house to take this time?"The Teng green mountain is a bit surprised, inquire with Zhu Chong Shi whom he proceeds together, " arrives to Chu's county from this, all the way the danger can avoid to can not help, why not make the elder brother's wife and kid stay at old house."
    "Green mountain brothers you haven't to know."Zhu Chong Shi says with smile, " I am to drag along a house to take this time, return from the overseas, difficult don't become to leave family in the overseas, certainly must come back together."
    "Overseas?"The Teng green mountain is a bit shocked.
    Zhu Chong Shi's point nods, didn't narrate in detail.

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    Return a dollar religion, no one ability the row 《Qian Long Bang 》 , as for 《ground placard 》 , also same have no.
    A person's wanting at the same time row is these two placards.
    Equal to say, 30 years old before, have to the row 《ground placard 》 !Too this condition Ke engraves, this population is too many, naturally the with talent and determinate person is a lot of, various Ge cloud the genius that can at last return a dollar religion, in the whole Yang state, than his natural endowments more get all to have, don't even say the whole nine stateses.
    Can at the same time the row 《ground placard 》《Qian Long Bang 》 , that will gain considerable fame the whole nine stateses.
    Morning exercise, field in the school on.
    Just from hope Hong that Teng green mountain that got an order, stand at one camp person's in front horse, cold track:"100 man long Du Hong and Teng green tiger, you respectively choose one 10 people squad of paying in you's troops, tomorrow early in the morning, set out to go to Chu's county with me!"
    According to getting generally of order, oneself wants to choose two 100 men to be long, the Du Hong is that the age is biggest to have experience, and this time, there is oneself therein, can also let cousin'green tiger'be toughenned.So, just choosing these two 100 men is long.
    Du Hong and Teng green tiger 2 people the Gong body receive orders and immediately chose troops later on a pay 10 people squad.
    "Unexpectedly just come back soon, all too late see recruit New appointee, will go out!"Although the Teng green mountain thinks so, can the heart bottom is expectation very much, the Chu county is in the whole Yang cantonally and most north, from the river rather the county want to arrive to Chu's county, rush through about 2,000 inside road, because want to escort goods, can go every day 200 inside, Be getting more fairly good.
    "Green mountain brothers goes to Chu's county?"
    The Du Hong and Teng green tiger comes over here, the low voice says.
    "H'm, is help to transfer under guard goods, old Du, this road last in danger?"The Teng green mountain inquiry way.
    "Invite us the black A soldier transfer under guard goods, all of that are the big businesses!The trouble isn't small.And from our river rather the county rush through into Chu's county, about 2,000 inside road, in the center still want after the most disorderly Xu Yang Jun!Avoiding to can not help is dangerous."The Du Hong knits the brows a way.
    The Teng green mountain Yao sees northern.
    Is dangerous?
    The Teng green mountain can be not afraid of dangerous and arrive at this world, always at river rather inside the county, finally can make a living away from home well some kind of.
    "This, can get very good-looking see superior's real strenght between worlds."Teng green mountain heart the middle treat, at return inside a dollar religion him not beat to kill, can in the outside, he is a leader.Break out real real strenght and those superiors to fight when the time comes, it aren't difficult to conceal nearby this several individuals.
    "All prepare for a while, like a rest, tomorrow early in the morning, can set out, this back and forth adds, can get 4,000 inside road."The Teng green mountain order way.

    Chapter 39 distant journey
    The breeze in morning is very cool.
    The Teng green mountain is leading troops more than 20 persons march forward on the road in the army camp, flank the various Ge cloud and various Ge is green and green rain 3 people is sending off.
    "The elder brother , from here to Chu's county, has about 2,000 inside road, much more dangerous on the road, you must be careful!"Green rain at Teng green mountain body side, full in the eye is don't give up.
    The Teng green mountain smiled to touch touch green rain head:"Light rain, don't you trust your elder brother?"
    "My elder brother is the strongest."Green rain immediately on lifting chin, the self-confidence says.
    The Teng green mountain in the mind is taking pleasure in making a living away from home well is some kind of, as for oneself's younger sister's light rain, lately, green rain had already joined to return a dollar religion.Have to admit the natural endowments of green rain is quite good, the strength Mi in the self-discipline book only seven day, then produce inside the body inside strength, although can not can do with some on that day inside vigorously of the genius compare, can after all green rain is 14 years old.
    "Small cloud, green miss, I go out this time, my younger sister bothered you to look after."The Teng green mountain turns a head to see toward 2 people.
    "This goes without saying, however you are in the outside, don't the gist, that Xu the sun county is the most disorderly county."Various Ge cloud also entrusts a way.

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    "Roar~~" deep pond boa that gold color eye pupil fiercely narrows, the roaring cry cutting up rough rings out.This deep pond boa finally faced at present this find and"shout" of a , this deep pond boa is with an upward exposure then rapid the square visit to flee in the past, the speed compared it at the Teng green mountain quick the quite a few is doubly.
    "Be apart from a cold pond surface, only 100 meters distance, not good!"The Teng green mountain has no in time a surprise, discover that that boa winked an effort to flee to come up.
    The water current flows out, the water pail is thick thin, the big boa of purple red scale once fled from a side of Teng green mountain, and then half the body is directly horizontal in the Teng green mountain above, also have the half the body in the Teng green mountain of under.
    "Is well long!"The Teng green mountain by this time just completely sees pure this deep pond boa monster length, " presumably has long 30 meterses, so huge body, but its scale is unexpectedly hard can not Cui, the head strength can easily turn me that with all strength one Zhang.The strength of this boa perhaps wills is my decuple, is going to more."
    This boa stands up, the foot has the 10 F several-storied building Gao.
    A such boa, only the skull can unload one Zhang strength of Teng green mountain, that boa of oneself strength, will how terrible?
    The gold crumbs color eye pupil of deep pond boa stares at a Teng green mountain and has Gao Gao in the last inhospitality.
    "Chi Chi~~"
    Being quick is like lightning flash, deep pond boa that huge body sharply the constringency tie up to round, those more than ten Zhangs grow of the huge boa body desire want Teng green mountain the whole individual give package to press into meat Mi.Teng green mountain feels at present a misty, this top and bottom or so before or after, each direction, that huge snake bodies all press toward the Teng green mountain.
    "This monster strength is endless, once being wrapped up up, settle is can not luckily survive."Teng green mountain a grind teeth.
    Fiercely the legs of "Chi~~" Teng green mountain inflation opens and support the pants all crack to open, that blood vessel inflation of as if a muscle with green snake sturdy as if root the root steel wire entwine.Inside the body of inside the strength imitate Buddha dashing flood, madness through double feet, the dynasty exterior gushes.
    "Break!"Bellow, Teng green mountain right foot ruthlessly the Chuai is on the boa for coming.
    Leg department strength, generally compare arm strength to have to be strong.If the general common run of people can raise 100 catties of heavy things, that he one leg the fierce Chuai has 400 catties of impact dint, all very normal.
    Teng green mountain double the arm has more than 100,000 catties huge dint, and that stronger leg?But at the moment, the Teng green mountain faces life and death time, the strength of the strongest one leg, and a great deal of inside strength of attack dint, that is to greatly arrive to marvelously tread.
    Or so legs, in a row twice fierce Chuai.
    The Nu Hao of "roar~~" boa monster ache is a , that boa snake body is kicked, malicious bump shot the mountain wall by the side of the cold pond up, send out violent tremor, the whole mountain wall surface"Peng" of a , the in great quantities ground powder mixs in the water.The bottom mountain walls in the whole pond all crack to open a crack.
    The Teng green mountain takes advantage o this cleft and fiercely and with an upward exposure flies to flee, inside the body inside the strength consume crazily, is acceleration.
    "Monster, absolute monster, I am this leg, all unexpectedly have never kicked to break its boa skin, seem be getting slower today, live lives all difficult.There are also 50 meters, 40 meters, 30 meters ……"the Teng green mountains all have already above discover of glow-in-the-dark, ambiguously, all hear an outside Pa in the Mao of rain-storm voice.
    "Roar~~" cuts up rough, crary roars voice, spread from the pond bottom.
    Under the deep pond boa monster dance leaves a body, again and with an upward exposure the square very and soon flees.
    But Teng green mountain already quick get to cold pond a surface, this boa monster saw to make track for a not last Teng green mountain quickly, unexpectedly an open mouth-
    "Chi Chi~~"
    Black fog annoys from its mouth jet, the every black fog spirit fills the air place, and all cold pond water in the pond in a twinkling freeze into solid.Wink an effort, the mouth arrives a cold pond surface from the boa monster, this foot has 20 meters deep water and all freezes into whole big ice-cubes.
    Teng green mountain the whole individual be frozen in this ice-cubes.

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    Can the Teng green mountain heart bottom, but feel a crisis ……
    "The matter is abnormal to necessarily have a demon!This waits low temperature, water pressure, I body of acceptance ability, also quick arrive extreme limit.Also arrive pond bottom today, the target reaches and still keeps returning to first to show dad this mineral stone.Wait in the future there is an opportunity getting into this watering bottom passage again."The Teng green mountain right away decides returning to an outside.
    In water bottom passage, Teng green mountain sight can not Qi and place.
    The gold crumbs color eye pupil that has a pair of fists sizes unclearly stares at a Teng green mountain, it is apart from a Teng green mountain the foot contain ten few Zhangs, can obviously, this water bottom monster is under the thus dark circumstance, can see a pure Teng green mountain.
    Silently have no voice interest of, this water bottom monster beginning dynasty the cold pond water bottom passage close to in the past, this water bottom monster move, unexpectedly didn't send out a ring.
    Stand the Teng green mountain of that pond bottom, a throw have already cracked to open in the hand of big rock, the whole individual then and with an upward exposure the square start to float.
    At this time-
    Water bottom monster discovered Teng green mountain wanting to walk, the speed fiercely surges, as if a flash of lightning, rushed out that water bottom passage a while.
    "What things!"
    Thus violent action, just at up the Teng green mountain floating certainly discovered.He suddenly turns a head, this sees, the whole individual is surprised the heart is malicious malicious on having muscular spasms, the skin of heads are cracking open by explosion.
    In the pond bottom unclearly under the purple light, once the Teng green mountain see clearly, this is a foot to have the water pail thick big boa!The scale of big boa whole body is intensive, be unclearly suffused with the light of purple red dizzy, but cold boa length in the pond temporarily can not make sure, but, only wear the boa body of one that water bottom entrance to cave to have much long six Zhangses for the foot.
    Previous incarnation, the big boa in the rain forest, he didn't and never once kill.
    Can the physical volume is like this is big, the torso is like this is thick, he has never seen.
    And ……this big boa, still keep rushing out from the so icy cold district, affirmation contains its extraordinary place.
    "Roar~~" imitates Buddha hurricane to strike emanative of that kind of is deep and low, let the roaring cry of person's heart palpitates.
    Because this roars low, this bottom boa in the pond flees a while Teng green mountain this, open that big mouth, the water pail thick big boa opens of big mouth but foot have one Zhang breadth, the dynasty Teng green mountain swallows!

    The war of chapter 39 person Mang
    Have Gao Gao in the last inhospitality in this boa gold crumbs color eyes, probably, to this deep pond monster, kill a personal basically unworthy a lift.That big mouth that is full of gamey smell has already arrived a Teng green mountain at present.
    "Mao~~" Teng green mountain vision is cold fierce, the right hand becomes Zhang knife, Gao Gao raises, big mouth face that to swallow, be a record to split Zhang!
    The palm changes into an unreal image!
    Hua!The water current is quick of be split to separate!
    One Zhang that contains terrible strength, directly split at the skull of this deep pond boa up, send out to deep and lowly bump a shot voice.Teng green mountain the dint is big endless, the this Zhang bottom goes and also split of the deep pond boa not from of the head crash down, can only crash down one Zhang, this deep pond boa stopped crashing down again.
    The deep pond boa sends out an uncanny roars voice and stare at above of mankind!
    The Teng green mountain positive party in government flies to flee above!
    "Monster!This is absolutely a monster, my one Zhang is a steel Dun the sons can slice open, can this boa skin unexpectedly some scars all have no.And only the head just a little descends to hang, unload me the dint of this Zhang, unimaginable."The Teng green mountain really knows oneself the boxing feet are many fearfulnesses.
    Is positive because know, the Teng green mountain just adds the terror of feeling this boa more.
    "And, this boa forehead still has a pimping and silvery point Cape,is this boa monster a flood dragon?"Teng green mountain at rapid with an upward exposure the square fly to flee at the same time, the heart bottom is very also shocked, is splitting a , that Zhang, the Teng green mountain just sees in deep boa skull in the pond, only have one Chinese foot Gao of silver Cape.

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    Crash down!
    Continuously crash down!
    20 Zhangs!
    40 Zhangs!
    60 Zhangs!
    "All got in touch with a lot of this coldest low temperatures, but, still keep feeling too cold, uncomfortable."The Teng green mountain cautiously watches a cold pond the object of side wall on all sides, this of the side wall has some objects, that is to according to a thing.The Teng green mountain is complete to be able to depend to according to a thing, Bian pure oneself probably descends distance.
    "Should cross a foot of a hill, go deep into bottom in Tashan!"The Teng green mountain estimates to touch depth.
    The last time attains this etc. depth, the Teng green mountain early accepts to can not stand and displayed to protect body inside the strength.But this time, but the Teng green mountain is resisted by physique muscle.
    Continuously crash down!
    "Is still really deep, this was in the underground.I have already descended to sink to fully have 300 meters."The Teng green mountain feels body the coldest and the coldest, at the same time-
    "Mao Mao~~"
    100 catties of rocks embraced in the hand unexpectedly starts appearing fracture.
    Is cold to arrive to spilt open rock!This low temperature that is how.
    "Cold abnormal condition."The Teng green mountain previous incarnation has never felt this etc. the coldest temperature, imitating the Buddha sturdy muscle, skin film didn't obstruct a function, those were the coldest to directly stimulate bone, is going to stimulate viscera unclearly, cold, the whole bodies are all icy cold, "have to use inside strength!"
    Wildly and fiercely inside strength, madness at whole body everywhere revolve, resist low temperature.
    "Is pleasurable Be getting more."The Teng green mountain cautiously looking at nether pond waters, because is too deep, even if with Teng green mountain astonishing sight, also unwillingly see pure surrounding 34 meterses.
    Teng green mountain cautiously and with a downward exposure the noodles see go, "exactly?"Under mold faintness paste, have only dizzy purple color unclearly, this is very weak purple light dizzy, be good enough to see a while the Teng green mountain pure 78 Zhang distances, and along with close to, the Teng green mountain realizes, the temperature unexpectedly started a rally.
    Yes, the low temperature of original extreme achievement, unexpectedly start a rally.
    But when Teng green mountain double the feet fall in, finally just surprise ground affirmation-this is the bottom of bluish green cold pond.
    "Yi?This cold pond bottom in the pond unexpectedly has fever?And still deliver purple light dizzy, oddness."The Teng green mountain is very shocked, he finally knows, why water in pond near the pond bottom, on the contrary heat of cause.That is the cause of this pond bottom unusual mineral stone.
    Cautiously observe pond bottom on all sides.
    Because can see scope, the foot contains 78 Zhang distances, Teng green mountain also very quick Bian pure bottom circumstance in the pond.
    "This bluish green cold pond bottom in the pond, width probably more than ten Zhang, length ……have more than 20 Zhangs."The Teng green mountain carefully looking at a left side, because the whole bottom only left-hand cold pond mountain wall is to have a 23 Zhangs the passage of the long breadth, " originally, pond water in the cold pond, from this passage in flow through come of."
    The Teng green mountain also discovers, is to close to a passage direction more, pond water adds more of iciness.
    The pond bottom has no living creature, there is no plant, only one thing-geezer has fever of mineral stone.Bottom surface in the pond spreads to wear quite a few this kind of mineral stone indiscriminately.
    "H'm."The Teng green mountain picks up a cake of, this kind of mineral stone has the weakest of purple only dizzy, in the cold pond bottom under the dark condition, can see this kind of purple light dizzy, estimate outside on daytime, estimate and then see not pure.
    "The ability on the contrary has fever under this coldest condition.And the heat is still very high.Should be a general mineral stone.Take to return to, let the dad discriminate for a while."The Teng green mountain picks up two pieces of mineral stones of fist sizes and put into clothes chest inner part of big pocket inside, pocket also can be prosperous to put two pieces of mineral stones.
    Immediately, Teng green mountain dynasty left side, this cold pond headwaters passage closes to pass by.

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    "Baldheaded elder brother, what position are they ?Do you know?"A big fellow flatters of ask a way."
    "Know fart.But Lao Tze knows, dare in the dint Ju car of club building of office king, again not we this a few small lives put at the guy in the eye, we aren't to be taunteds.Have already gone to go.All his mama gets up stem to live.I still have to go in to make collective report a circumstance for eldest brother."It is baldheaded to say with depressed look.They are very ferocious at ordinary times, but while facing stronger person, also can start to carry tail to be a person.
    The weak at the mercy of the strong.The from ancient times is constant.
    The Yan pleasant breeze then starts car to hurtle to the outside after the words said to accept a leaf to challenge for autumn.The autumn of the leaf not knows that the Yan pleasant breeze wants to take he or she to want where, but also not worry that oneself will be ambushed by him.
    Car tightly heel at his car tail behind, all the way and urgently rush through, had been hurtling till the inside in the big yard that is located in suburban area in the Yan city.
    The car skill of Yan pleasant breeze is quite good, even say and car Wang Liu Yi Si's disciple Zhang Que is all match equally.

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    Can get into come to enjoy that kind of here sincere arrive meat ground of sense of vision royal feast of, mostly the person in small pregnant in the Yan city.There aring also many university students in school is favored the boon guest of their body to bring to open.
    Life and death from life, kill to deserve it.This is the true meaning of black boxing.
    Dint club building of office king, every day will someone be killed or beat remnants.But the boxing superior of the whole the whole world is still attracted to the big commission to flow out to the this place after that victory.
    Certainly.More stars that is a club building of office to be sent to a world-wide locations explore to scoop out of superior.
    What dint king practices is a member system, newcomer's needing to usher in leading of a member then Jian can get into.
    Dint club building of office king's front door, a few bodyguards are embattled.There are still two beautiful girl's sons that wear black suit cautiously investigating the identities of visitor.
    It is different from the small scaled underground black boxing markets that dare to open on dead hour, will do business for 18 hours for dint club building of office king's a day.Only 4:00 in the morning is a coffee break to 10:00 in noon.
    Only, in the daytime mostly is warm up a match.The game in evening more of the violence is just some.
    Just at this time, a silvery car lightning fast of hurtled to come over.
    Gets alone with others member to see at present one flower on the dint doorway of club building of office king, the car then hurtled into.
    "Ah.He hasn't produced member's card."Girl's son shouts a way.
    "Mama of.Dare dynasty here rush.Several elder brothers let him know that Ma Wang Ye has a few eyes."
    A baldheaded man flicks to begin to shout a way, full face violence looks.
    Four black dress men are about to make track for past, was the speed that a car knish eye is recognized with difficulty to hurtle to come over again.
    This car is getting more unrestrained, basically take no cognizance their existence, dead straight toward their bottom up bumped to come over.
    Several people distressly spread to go to the both sides, there is the current of air that an a little bit action is slowly and somely curled up by the car pares off to pour, rob the posture of food to fall by a hungry dog on the ground.
    "His mama of.Discarded these two bastards."A black dress man scolds ground Rang Rang way.

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    leaf autumn feels that she is the body of a son, also think to be slow a slowly take the offensive again.But have never thought her will lift to start hip on her own initiative to match with.That loses virginity of the pain also only make her tiny to knit the brows, ache like this with her say really calculate not last what.When leaf the autumn release to come from personal all love and energy in the river Yan's purple body, 2 people such as a lousy mire sort of soft pour on the table.The table's top is clean and strong and tough, the marble special quality carries on the back to still have after letting the red Mao naked some ice-cold.But what do these just arouse pleasurable men and women of Mao feeling to calculate to 1 pair?In total disorder one on the table, the document paper scatters 1 ground.There is a blood stain by the side of the table Cape, the that Xing red color almost stabbed and wounded a leaf for autumn of eyes.This woman also really makes people admire.However, make the leaf feel unimaginable for autumn more BE, even if she has never enjoyed men and women joys love, but she sport at ordinary times measure so greatly, how probably still existence that film of?River Yan is profoundly purple to stretch hand to touch to a cigarette, took out an one mouthful after sparking.The autumn of the leaf is from the her mouth in rob to come over, say:"The woman takes out less some smokes.It isn't good to skin.You hereafter is my woman, skin's differing me doesn't like."The time talked, but fill cigarette into own mouth inside to flavorfully take out."H'm."The river Yan purple small voice is in response to the way.Leaf autumn surprise of within an ace of roll down from the table, in his impression, oneself says so her of time, she is to ignore, then selfish of again take a smoke to spark.Imitate a Buddha to realize leaf for autumn of facial expression, river Yan is purple to lightly sigh, say:"There being no woman would like to be oldly so quick.Even if worked well ample mental state preparation, but in time of discover a crow's feet in mirror, still will feel caught unprepared.""You on the whole is be the woman to you."Leaf autumn the Ze Ze praise.After vomiting a smoke, again praise way:"However you also have a woman really pretty the flavor of."Be subjected to a leaf for autumn of cry up, river Yan the purple in the mind is dark pleased, on the face but stay calm and collected.She hardly smiles and sometimes connect she all doubts by herself isn't this body have already lost the function of smile."Wear clothes.It is afraid that someone will come in."River Yan is purple to say.The autumn of the leaf wishes is also, just 2 people all threw in too much.No matter is the radian of sport and the voices of the river Yan purple moan all very exaggeration, scarcely take any dissimulation.Even if this is one partition sound effect fruit really fine office, having to guard against, either will have outsider to hear.The autumn of the leaf quickly wears good pants since the table jumped down.Then pick up purple clothes of river Yan to throw to her from the ground.Pulled chair piece to from a distance sit to open, appreciating river Yan was purple to wear clothes of carriage.When the soldier of special kind compares a martial big match, leaf autumn for giving river Yan purple treatment Yu to harm, once appreciated a naked top half of purple red Mao of river Yan, eyes oldly revisits this time, still feel beautiful can not square thing.Her whole body has no one silk Zhui meat, the waist limb that gets full sport is soft slender, chest again thus of moving plenteous, the body is emaciated, tiny some bone feeling, but really call up is a matchless beauty the woman like this is worth any men's collecting as treasure.River Yan is purple to pour is very poised and dignified, the look in the eyes that didn't evade a leaf for autumn eyes.Sit on the table to wear, act beautiful fast.Because the cloth of body increases, another pleasant impression and then from however living."Is Lin Bao Er still in Hong Kong?"River Yan is purple Be wearing shoes and asking a way

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    "With the season officially cancelled, the USHL recently awarded the Anderson Cup to the Chicago Steel. The Cup goes to the team with the most points and the Steel certainly earned it with a 41-7-1 record that included two 13-game win streaks and dominance over the scoring race: four of the top five producers came from the Steel, with only Dubuque’s Ty Jackson cracking the streak. At the time the season was called, the Steel were 15 points clear of Dubuque and Waterloo, who were tied for second.
    “We came into the year expecting to be one of the top teams in the league and obviously had a good year,” said defenseman and 2021 NHL prospect Owen Power. “The team was dominant.”
    So how did they do it? Talent, of course, but preparation helped as well. GM Ryan Hardy put together a rigorous program that called for a certain kind of dedicated player, then went out and got those kids. Whether it was through the draft (like Power and 2020 NHL draft prospect Sean Farrell) or trade (2020 draft prospect Brendan Brisson), Hardy gave coach Greg Moore the talent needed. When Moore was hired away by the AHL’s Toronto Marlies in December, Brock Sheahan stepped up behind the bench and continued the Steel’s successful run.
    “It’s just the mindset every day of getting better,” Brisson said. “All the resources coming together really makes it easier to succeed as a player and a team. We take it really seriously here.”
    Hardy’s stint with USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program helped. The Chicago GM was the NTDP’s director of player personnel for three years, giving him a crash-course in running one of the top producers of NHL talent in the world.
    “It helped me in so many ways,” Hardy said. “I was able to look at the setup they had there and also analyze the players; why some were successful and some weren’t. A lot of our cultural pieces came from there – there are probably games where we’re not at peak rest, but we’re not going to sacrifice a (gym) lift that would help the players long-term – that’s something we took from them.”
    Surrounding his staff and players with experts also helps.
    “We contract with a company for mindset resilience development,” Hardy said. “And we have an agreement with Darryl Belfry and Adam Nicholas from an on-ice development standpoint, so from a recruiting perspective, it certainly helps.”
    Belfry is the skills guru whose clients have included Patrick Kane and John Tavares – he also works with the Maple Leafs during the season now. Nicholas is another top skating and skills coach renowned in the business.
    Looking at the 2020 NHL draft, the Steel will be well-represented. Brisson is a potential first-rounder, while Sam Colangelo and Sean Farrell are top-100 prospects in their own rights. Fellow forward Gunnarwolfe Fontaine, who was passed over last year, will likely be taken too. But the party isn’t going to stop next year, as the Steel tendered one of the most exciting young prospects in the world, 2023 NHL draft prospect Adam Fantilli. The Toronto-born center will play at least 55 percent of Chicago’s games next year in exchange for the Steel coughing up their first-rounder in the next USHL draft.
    With all the talent that has been coming through Chicago in the past couple years and all the preparation that went into making this year’s edition a force in the USHL, it’s no surprise top-end kids keep picking the Steel."
    "Graeme Roustan: Today we have Pat Kelleher, the executive director of USA Hockey on with us today for Sports Illustrated and The Hockey News. How are you doing today?
    Pat Kelleher: I’m doing all right, Graeme, thank you for having me.
    GR: How are your employees and your staff doing during these times?
    PK: I think the best part is we have a lot of people that work for USA Hockey that are truly deeply dedicated hockey professionals and passionate hockey people. So they are trying to grind their way through this. We have people in Michigan at our arena and the national team program. We have our national office in Colorado Springs. We have people that work remotely for us across the country regularly. So everyone is trying to stay engaged, connected and we’re trying to find ways to connect with one another and try and connect with our community. We’ve had our hockey department conduct Zoom meetings with coaches and hockey directors. We’re just trying to help people as best we can through this time by finding ways to talk about hockey, which is not easy right now. But our staff is committed, and we’re committed to our staff. We want to try and do a weekend to find our way through this challenging situation, or, as I’ve trademarked in our office this “fluid situation,” and make sure that when we do come back we can get back on the ice.
    GR: Some states obviously are more affected right now than others, like the state of New York. Do you find that your team in New York is in need of more attention right now than other states?
    PK: I don’t think we have one particular area where people are more in need. Where we are, we try and communicate with everybody and understand that everybody has different challenges. We have different volunteers throughout the U.S. that we do communicate with and some are in different situations for sure. We have coaches and people that participate in youth hockey out there that are frontline healthcare providers. We feel for those people and certainly appreciate all that they’re doing. We’re just trying to connect where we can with people in hockey and maybe give people a little break from some of the things they’re dealing with. Just to try and talk about hockey or engage in hockey in a different way. And I think that goes for kids that play, too. Kids are not in school, they’re not out with their friends. How can they be active at home and shooting pucks or stickhandling? I think that’s important, too.
    GR: Has USA Hockey, essentially shut down your programs? When do you think they’ll be up and running again?
    PK: Yeah, I wish I had the crystal ball to tell you when we’d be up and running again. That would be fantastic. I think it was back on March 11 when we made the really difficult decision at the time to cancel this year’s national championships. That was really the front end of when everything really picked up. And I remember speaking to Bill Daly from the NHL that day, and we both were like, “things seem to be going a lot faster right now.” And they did. Things happened really quickly. At the front end, it was really agonizing, because you didn’t know what we were going to be dealing with. Our national championships for youth hockey would have started on April 1, and it was March 11. When we made the decision, we had a long, long, difficult discussion and listened to every angle on what we should do and what we could do, but we went with what was the safest decision then, but not an easy decision, to cancel nationals at that time.
    Obviously, three weeks later, there would have been no chance to hold nationals. One of the tougher parts is we are a membership organization for youth hockey. And we have kids and families that engage all year long in hockey and love and have a great experience. A select few and their teams are fortunate to qualify to play for a national championship at whatever age level – boys, girls, sled hockey, and all those things run through USA Hockey. To have to cancel that and not finish the season is really difficult. And frankly, it’s difficult for our volunteers and for our staff. I mean, people work for two years at a time to prepare to host a national championship. So that’s just agonizing. For the kids and the families and the coaches and the volunteers who put so much time into trying to get to that end-of-season tournament or national championship, no one wants to have the season finished without the chance to play it out at the end."

  • focus on the greater goodDatum21.08.2020 04:26
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    "In the midst of the NHL’s suspended season and the global coronavirus pandemic, IIHF president Rene Fasel spoke with The Hockey News’ owner and publisher W. Graeme Roustan via email about how the IIHF is dealing with the short- and long-term plans of a global shutdown and addresses rumors that Fasel will become the KHL president in the future.
    Graeme Roustan: Many businesses around the world have shut down their office and have asked their employees to work from home. What is the status for employees at the IIHF?
    Rene Fasel: The IIHF has instructed all employees to work from home. In order to service our member nations and other stakeholders, all office staff remain reachable via email or telephone, and the organization is fully operational and approachable to all partners and clients. The IIHF office also holds weekly status meetings remotely to ensure that all service to member national associations remains uninterrupted and carefully coordinated between departments.
    GR: U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson just announced the possibility of a six-month lockdown. Is the IIHF and its member countries prepared for a six-month or more lockdown?
    RF: With the cancellation of the 2020 IIHF Ice Hockey World Championship, the 2020 international hockey season is closed. Most of the IIHF’s office work will revolve around preparing for next season. The IIHF council will be in close contact with our membership as we determine the feasibility of holding the 2020 annual congress at an appropriate time. But the situation with the coronavirus is very fluid. We hope, as does the rest of the world, that this pandemic is over as soon as possible, but we are doing our best to prepare for a long-term lockdown.
    GR: Many pundits are now talking about the COVID-19 causing a six-, 12- or 18-month shutdown of the economy. What effect will a prolonged shutdown cause for the game of hockey around the world?
    RF: It would be very difficult. A long-term shutdown would drastically affect the revenues of clubs and leagues, both in Europe and around the world. This incident occurred at the tail end of the club season, meaning that almost all leagues missed out on significant revenue from the playoff stage.
    It is tough to predict what kind of impact the pandemic will have on corporations and organizations that act as sponsors for ice hockey teams, leagues and clubs. A lot of small-market teams operate on very tight budgets, and for them, a prolonged shutdown would be a serious obstacle to overcome.
    GR: Social distancing is the best prevention from spreading the COVID-19 and many other viruses. Does the IIHF and member countries believe that people will flock back to arenas where up to 20,000 people are packed into an arena to watch hockey?
    RF: We follow the WHO and CDC guidelines for mass gatherings and countries follow the social-distancing rules that are in place. There will be a time that fans will be able to return to arenas around the world, and we look forward to that day as long as it respects the rules and guidelines in place. I think that as long as it is deemed to be safe from a medical perspective, there is nothing that would prevent fans from returning to the arenas. Sport is a big part of our social fabric, and I believe that fans would want to get out and enjoy it as soon as it is possible to do so.
    GR: As president of the IIHF, you are the head of all international hockey, which includes the Olympics. What are your top priorities at this time of the COVID-19 virus?
    RF: Together with the IIHF Council, we are evaluating the impact of the cancellation of the World Championship on our membership. The revenue generated by this tournament goes back into our championship program each year and is needed to support the 30-plus other IIHF tournaments that we operate each year in the various men’s and women’s’ categories."
    "Fortunately, the IIHF is insured against such a force majeure cancellation of the World Championship, and we are now in the process of preparing a report for the insurance company.
    GR: Athletes around the world have always been focused on their health and safety. What will the IIHF do to protect the health and safety of potential NHL players participating in future Olympics?
    RF: The IIHF Medical Committee includes members that have extensive experience working with NHL players, such as our volunteer chief medical officer, Dr. Mark Aubry, who is also the team physician for the Ottawa Senators and president of the Team Physician Society of the NHL. We have always coordinated closely with the NHL to promote player health and safety and would continue to do so.
    GR: Up until recently, the discussion of NHL players going to the 2022 Olympics in China was primarily around money and insurance. What will the main points be now after this pandemic that began in China?
    RF: I think that player health and safety is and always has been an important discussion. We have had instances in the past at our World Championship and Olympics where a player or team official reported a flu or other illness that caused us to take immediate precautionary measures, for example avoiding handshakes after a game. We also ensure that we follow our prevention of infection guidelines that we give all organizers before their championship. We will also be developing further rules of infection prevention following this outbreak. Our medical committee is in close communication with the WHO, CDC and other medical committees from other sports organizations as well as international medical organizations in order to always be ready to adopt the best practices to ensure player health and safety.
    GR: The NHL will more than likely halt all pre-season and regular-season games anywhere outside of Canada and the U.S., something the IIHF was never happy with. Does the IIHF prefer if the NHL stay home?
    RF: I wouldn’t say that exactly, we are a big hockey family and the fans love when they can see their NHL players play at home. I believe there were some concerns at first over whether these games would interfere with European league operations, but it has not been the case.
    GR: The KHL could not survive financially if it were not for the oligarchs, and the Russian Ice Hockey Federation is supported by the Russian government. Is the IIHF concerned that some of the small countries who’ve been impacted most by this pandemic, like Italy and Spain, will allocate their resources away from hockey?
    RF: I wouldn’t go so far as to say that this is an existential crisis for small-market teams. It’s not only ice hockey but all sports that are suffering now. These are tough times, but we will get through this. Even if the money is not there, the passions of our members will stay strong. That passion, rather than money, is what pushed them to work to grow the game within their countries in the first place.
    GR: You were to step down from being president of the IIHF in September and rumors are that you will become the commissioner of the KHL. How does this global health crisis impact these plans?
    RF: I like the rumors, ha ha, but no. I am 100 percent focused on my job as the IIHF president.
    GR: Today the world is looking to its leaders for answers to what should we all do and how can we get through this global pandemic. As the leader of millions of people in the hockey and sports world, what is your message that you want everyone to hear?
    I want to keep it simple: stay home, listen to the experts, and stay healthy! We have to set aside sport for now and focus on the greater good.
    GR: Millions of people around the world are self-isolated. Where are you and how are you and your family doing?
    Other than an occasional trip to the office by me to get status updates, we are staying home. Our family moved recently and are now using the time to settle in."

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